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Was at the airport a while ago, and thought about this -

Y'know, it's no secret that everyone wants to carry something with them. And it's not a big deal to figure out what a decent amount per person is reasonable.

The airlines basically gives you a 9" X 14" X 22" space for carry-ons. That's 1.6 cubic feet. They actually provide another space thats about 14" X 16" X 8", another 1 cubic foot (under the seat - inconvenient, but available).

Thats 2.6 cubic feet. Per person. Very generous.

Why couldn't there be a rule (law?) for all new car designs to provide 2.6 cubic feet per vehicle occupant. A 2-person car requires by law 5.2 cubic feet minimum, and must accomodate two 9X14X22 box and two 14X16X8 box. In any configuration that can accomodate reasonable storage and removal of the "boxes".

That's one roll-on, and one "briefcase" or "purse" or "parka" or whatever.

Additional storage space above and beyond that is considered marketing advantage.

And a standardized "golf bag" dimensional object would make sense - therefore the ability to advertise "meets all storage laws but configured in such a way to store TWO standard golf bags volumes."

That way - future designs wouldn't ever have this choice be part of the issue - all imported designs must abide by such as well (so even the miata would have to improve their storage), and would prevent false advertising. It would force correct packaging decisions, and everyone would have to play by the same rules. It would eliminate one of the semi-critical elements of a car that can be a "hidden compromise".

There's already legitimate ISO icons legislated - why not storage space. How many times have you seen 5 cubic feet and wondered what it looked like, or was it 5 cu.ft. of convoluted space that stored a 0.5 cu.ft. box and 4.5 cu.ft. of sand (or water or orange juice or cement...).

It's not a mystery that we all want to carry "stuff". I've had trouble at times getting a "5 passenger vehicle" but really is only a "3 passenger plus enough storage to handle 2 1/2 folks luggage".

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