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Originally Posted by jcoryea1 View Post
So, I think the forum is alive, but in a winter coma...
Lots of cars are in hibernation.
Many are not!

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Originally Posted by The_Ghost View Post
I will tell you what's up. Some of the older members get "cranky" when questions are asked that have been asked in the past. Thus the new members that would keep the forums going, won't post anymore and go elsewhere to get help. I have seen it and been involved in it on more then one occassion here on this forum. If you don't believe me, I belonged to a Mustang forum where this went on....the forum was lively until a few certain members started scolding newcomers about certain things. The forum is basically a ghost town today. So my advice to the older members is, don't criticize, get nasty with and/or publically humiliate new members when they ask questions.
There's already a thread about that... try using the search function!
Better organization to help find answers?
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Forum is slow these days

IMO Many good points really. I've personally have been treated pretty well when here asking a question. I have also tried to at least welcome people that are new, just figuring that this could be my contribution to the community as opposed to attempts to match wits with Tomato Soup, Rob the Elder, Chickenwire and a whole bunch of other regular wiz kids who have forgotten more than I will ever know.

I have also witnessed what seemed to me, heavy handed treatment of some noobs (I consider myself a noob too). I don't think this forum is dying per se but I do think this discussion is healthy as long as it doesn't devolve.
I agree with the comments above that say basically if you don't have something nice or helpful to say, just be silent.

So to turn this positive and productive as I step out on a limb. . .

What could we do to foster a healthy atmosphere and maybe get some people back that may be dormant as well as keep new joiners, active readers, and even contributors? I bet there are some statistics that could help gauge the health of the forum more accurately too.

I have some noob ideas, as I am totally uneducated on this culture, but would like to hear others. Maybe myself or someone could just start a new topic. Also maybe Administrators would like some help, feedback etc. as well. The two Admins. I see here seem top notch to me (MomSol and Jeffntc or something if I got that correct). They have taken action when needed and tried to help guide without stifling conversation. I do not know the hierarchy or structure here but I would guess that leadership on this forum could seem like a thankless job yet I know that behind the scenes we have some awesome people that serve us all.

So is it worth a good positive discussion with kicking around some ideas?

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Originally Posted by boatguy View Post
Can you tell be more about these hood letter inlays? I just bought a little kit with all the polished billet caps and such for my engine bay. I am trying to make it a little cooler looking. I can't imagine what it will be like to actually drive it. I tried to go for a ride tonight because the roads are dry and clear but my wife reminded me that the salt trucks were here just days ago and we havent had a hard rain to clear the residue.

***edit - nevermind Chickenwire. I found it myself but your little post just cost me another $200 shopping spree. I love this place!

I'm just returning the favor. Despite my efforts to resist, I've ended up spending money because of other forum members also!

2007 2.4L N/A. Stock + some pretty crap.
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Originally Posted by TomatoSoup View Post
Originally Posted by The_Ghost View Post
Thats too bad a select few of you feel the way you do because ultimatley its going to be the demise of this forum.... But I guess it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks....
So, let me understand... you think that it's perfectly OK for folks too lazy to try to help themselves, to simply whine and ask for help - expecting everyone else to drop trou' and expend their own energy and time to answer questions. When that person can't even be bothered to try to search to see if their question has already been answered (often MANY times).

Hmm. Then so be it.

It's a different matter if they've at least tried and failed, or have a reason why they can't search (need an urgent answer and on a smartphone, or something). But if you're lazy and then get bent out of shape for being called on it? Adios.

It's not a case of dogs and tricks, it's a case of respect for people that you want help from. We don't work for GM... this is not our job. You want help, be prepared to do some due diligence first..
I guess, for me, I look at the questions from new folks as a call for help, and a challenge--a puzzle to solve.

When solving these puzzles, I know I've read exactly the right threads, and the challenge is finding them... Once found, I use my editing/formatting skills to produce a really nice custom tailored list of links directly to the pertinent posts within the threads.

It can be very difficult--even when I know what I'm looking for, and how it was discussed, and often by whom! Yet, I still struggle to find that thread I remember that had the awesome step-by-step photos.

Stepping back a bit, as others have been saying, this forum is essentially a social gathering place. It lives by how friendly the atmosphere is.

I've learned a bit about groups, and the most important lesson for me was that every group will have a broad range of experience, skill, talent, social courage, determination, and resilience. Some folks might need encouragement while others are strong willed enough to withstand a rough initiation.

I have also learned that the best way to gain respect is to give that respect to others. So, what might seem like disrespect and laziness may be that the person is so new that they don't even know where to start.

Erring on the side of giving the newbie respect and not taking offense at the perceived insult to the all knowing elders seems the better choice. I would even go so far as to say, that you might consider the question itself a sign of respect--the questioner is saying, "I respect your knowledge enough to ask you, because if I didn't respect your knowledge, I would never have asked in the first place."

So, what is this forum? It's a conversation. And while the questions may have been largely answered, it's much nicer when the librarian helps you find the answers with a smile.

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West Coast Kappa Car Club
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slow forum

Hello all-
Not to beat a dead horse, but as an addendum to my previous post,I have purchased a lot of stuff for the Sol, which I probably wouldn't even been aware of (vendors) without this forum. To reiterate, this forum and the knowledgeable people here are precious. You have saved me many hours of research,and when I go to a dealer, I will have the confidence to intelligently discuss issues.
Two years ago, I bought a classic Boston Whaler Outrage 18..I knew little about boats, and Whalers in general. I went to a forum ,Continuous Wave, asked a noobie question and was ridiculed by some pompous ass. I never went back, and as a result, found another site, Whaler Central, who treated all with respect., needless to say, I spent alot of money with vendors for that site.. not to punish the other vendors, just too pissed to go back.. Yes ,our site gets a little edgy occasionally, but in the end, it's all good. I've been on the MG site for 20 years, and it's still going strong! I'm on the Honda,Triumph and Suzuki forums,and without their input, I probably not have any vintage bikes either..
Summer is coming!
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Always be polite and treat new cumber with repect....It is not everybody that are famlirar with a furum and searching respectful and if you know the aswer..dont and answer.........not that hard!!!
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Originally Posted by vzzp0c View Post
Always be polite and treat new cumber with repect....It is not everybody that are famlirar with a furum and searching respectful and if you know the aswer..dont and answer.........not that hard!!!
So does "new cumber happen to be "cu cumber's" little brother? <couldn't help myself!!!>
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Originally Posted by Celeste View Post
So does "new cumber happen to be "cu cumber's" little brother? <couldn't help myself!!!>

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