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2010 Kappa pilot production dates and information.

Here’s some information regarding 2010 Kappa pilot production. The following information is taken from my personal notes while working at the Wilmington plant during the four years of Kappa production. I am not a GM representative; all of these notes are my own personal opinions and interpretation. I thought Solstice and Sky owners would like to know about these things.

GM built thirty 2010 Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky and Opel GT pilot cars during the 2009 production run. The 2010’s were mixed with regular production 2009 Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky’s and Opel’s.
These pilots were scheduled to be built in three batches, 10 cars to a batch and 3 weeks between them. Sometimes not all 10 cars of the same batch would come off the final line together. Sometimes a car was removed from the assembly line process for various reasons and put back on the assembly line. It could be hours, days or weeks before it was put back on the assembly line. In the plant this was known as a “bust job”. The meant the car had been busted out of production, i.e., removed from the assembly line (bust out). When put back on the line, (bust in) its VIN and AZ number were now out of numerical sequence. All 2010’s were built before the last 2009 Solstice convertible or coupe were made.

The first batch of 2010 pilots came off the final line on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 8 AM. The first 2010 pilot was a Solstice Coupe in Kinetic blue VIN # 9AY100001. Here’s the list.

AY100001 Solstice Coupe in Kinetic blue manual. Drove off final line at 8 AM.
AY100002 Solstice GXP coupe red, automatic
AY100003 Solstice GXP convertible deep blue manual
AY100004 Solstice GXP convertible red automatic
AY100005 Solstice GXP convertible (did not record body color) manual
AY100006 GXP convertible red automatic (see correction below)
AY100007 GXP convertible 67U silver automatic (see correction below)

Correction 11/28/12: Regarding the first 2010 batch, I saw VIN’S AY100001 and AY100002. Time prevented me from seeing AY100003 to AY100007 but on 7/14/09 I saw the info at the plant. Initially I wrote down that AY100006 and AY100007 were both Daewoo G2X turbo automatics. Later on, thinking I had made a mistake, I changed that information to GXP convertibles. Reason being that I did not think that we had made any Daewoo’s. I apologize for the confusion but this is the first time I have tried compiling my 3 year old notes. Here are the correctons:

AY100006 Daewoo G2X red turbo automatic
AY100007 Daewoo G2X silver 67U turbo automatic

For reference a regular production, black 2009 Solstice GXP coupe, automatic trans, VIN# 9Y000178 immediately preceded the 2010 Solstice Coupe in Kinetic blue, VIN # 9AY100001.

The second batch of 2010 pilots came off final line on Monday afternoon, May 4 and into Tuesday morning, May 5, 2009. Ten pilot cars were in a row for this batch. These 10 pilots were preceded by a 2009 solstice Coupe VIN 91000355.

This second batch of 2010 pilot VIN numbers were as follows:

AY000008 Solstice GXP coupe black labyrinth manual
AY000009 Solstice GXP coupe black labyrinth automatic
AY000010 Solstice GXP convertible hydro blue, manual.
AY000011 Sky black labyrinth turbo automatic
AY000012 Sky black, manual
AY000013 Sky black turbo automatic
AY000014 Sky black labyrinth turbo, manual
AY000015 Opel black turbo, manual
AY000016 Solstice GXP coupe Merlot automatic
AY000018 Solstice GXP coupe Kinetic Blue, manual

Note there was no car between AY000016 and AY000018 as this was a bust out job, Should have been a AY000017 Pontiac solstice white automatic.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009. A “bust in” a white Pontiac solstice convertible automatic, VIN # AY000017 was on the assembly line, near final line.

The last Mecca tour was held on Friday, May 15, 2009. The first 2009 Solstice coupe to come off final line that day was VIN# 91000529 and the last 2009 coupe was VIN # 9Y000550.

The third batch of 2010 pilots came off final line around 7 AM, Tuesday, 5/ 26/09, Here are the VINS for these third batch of nine 2010 pilots.

AY100019 Solstice convertible dark labyrinth automatic
AY100020 Solstice coupe red, manual
AY100021 Solstice convertible dark labyrinth automatic
AY100022 and 1AZ1107070 Solstice coupe SANTIAGO TEAL GXP automatic
AY100023 and 1AZ1107071 Solstice coupe GXP Kinetic Blue, manual.
AY100024 Solstice coupe dark labyrinth, manual
AY100025 and 1AZ1107073 Solstice coupe white GXP automatic
AY100026 Solstice coupe GXP merlot, manual.
AY100028 and 1AZ1107076 Saturn Sky dark labyrinth automatic. This was the last 2010 Sky built and as well as last Sky ever made.

For time line reference: The first 2009 Solstice Coupe off final line today 5/26/09 was VIN# 9Y000678 and the first regular production car after these last 2010 pilots was a 2009 Solstice coupe, VIN 9Y000680.

5-28-2009 Thursday: Made the last three of the thirty 2010 pilot’s cars today. These three bust jobs got on final line at about 10:10 AM and drove off final line around 1:40 PM. They were as follows:

AY100029 Solstice convertible Kinetic blue GXP, manual & spoiler. A bust in job.

AY100030 Solstice convertible GXP Kinetic blue, manual . This was the last 2010 Pontiac Solstice built. A bust in job. Note that this is the highest and last VIN for any 2010 Kappa but was not the last Kappa built. It should have been but fate changed it. This is the result of being a bust job.

Last but not least: AY100027 Opel LT tarnish Turbo, manual .
It has the distinction of being the last 2010 Kappa car built. This was a bust in job. All 2010 Kappa production ended this day, Thursday 5/28/2009.

The last Pontiac Solstice coupe made was built on Tuesday, July 28, 2009. It was a Red 2009 GXP coupe, automatic trans, VIN# 9Y001152. No Solstice coupes were built after this car. Behind this coupe was the last Pontiac Solstice ever made, a 2009 Silver convertible, VIN# 9Y108138. Solstice production ceased with this last convertible, VIN# 9Y108138.

By my notes regarding all 2010 pilot cars there were 12 Solstice coupes, 11 Solstice convertibles, 5 Sky’s and 2 Opel’s. Hope this info helps out regarding Kappa statistics.

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