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Why aren't you going with one of the known, tried and true turbos from the vendors? Their turbos have been tested and work best reducing lag and giving the best power for that motor possible.

If I know what numbers mean on turbos, the one you have picked out is going to be horribly laggy and push very little air. Furthermore it's not twinscroll which drastically reduces lag. While this is my $0.02 and I know very little about different turbos other then what our vendors offer, I'm not quite sure you want the one you posted.

You also might want to check out zzperformance.....But I would stick with ddmworks or PAW first.


Solo Street Race exhaust
Fujita CAI
ASAP T2 stripes and badging
Windrestrictor V2 lighted in white
Windrestrictor lighted door sills lighted in white
DDM Works IC Piping
Undercar LEDs in white to match Windrestrictor

ZZPerformance dyno tuned - 286HP, 317ft/lbs of torque at 23psi of boost.

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