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I do not like dealing with ZZP. Very long reason as to why but I use to deal with them in the Grand Prix world way back when and would go with DDM, Werks, Hahn or RPM before ZZP.

The gaskets and stuff OEM are good to go other than the head gasket. That one you COULD go with something special but the OEM unit...especially with the ARP studs...should be good.

What I wonder is though what blew the head gasket? I blew one out in my Grand Prix because the car developed a leak after seeing 9 degrees of KR (long story) and over pressurized the cylinder. (The engine was built out and under the stock parts never had an issue but then never saw that kind of pressure.) What kind of boost are you running on the Werks turbo? Are you still stock 10.5:1 (I think that's our stock LE5 ratio) compression?

Second thing I wonder is what's your goal? What's your desired end result of these modifications?

One more question I have...and this is as much for me as for you...LOL Does anyone make LE5 Turbo cams? I have seen Comp Cams have some NA LE5 cams but no idea how these work with a turbo motor nor have I seen turbo specific cams for this engine.

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