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Originally Posted by Robotech View Post
...One more question I have...and this is as much for me as for you...LOL Does anyone make LE5 Turbo cams? I have seen Comp Cams have some NA LE5 cams but no idea how these work with a turbo motor nor have I seen turbo specific cams for this engine.
Robo, I'm with you. I have looked high & low trying to find a cam for the 2.4, but everybody seems to be manufacturing for the 2.0. Spoke with Dr Dave & he said that you would have to find somebody to reman our stock cam. Didn't feel like messing with that.

Brian85 - Budget build + 2.4 + Forced Induction = Oooooops, it blew again. Save your pennies to beef up the bottom end. That's the 2.4's weak spot as far as boost goes. DDM has forged pistons & rods for the 2.4.

It's sticky!!!
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