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I want to see how far I can take the stock bottom end. I own a repair / performance shop and have done a lot of boosted builds. I have a 750hp SRT8 Magnum, 600AWHP Audi S4. I came across this car and it really got me interested lol.

I did a compression test and Cyl. 2 & 3 have no compression where 1 & 4 have 165, so that is a sign of a blown headgasket on the compression side between the two cyl. I was doing a WOT pull and the boost spiked ( unkown at this time as to why ) up to 33 PSI. I was watching my A/F ratio and it was still pretty rich lol but I backed out right away so I don't think I did any damage to the bottom end.

My goal is to have a very fun daily summer car to build up for my shop as advertising in this platform.
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