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Originally Posted by rob the elder View Post
When the TC cuts in, the motor basically goes from WOT to idle. You are not overpowering anything.

The SC works by applying differential front braking. It does not impact the TC.

Basically the GXP or cars with LSD has three systems that help maintain traction.

1) the driver
2) the mechanical LSD
3) the computer that executes the TC software

Its never been an issue for me. In fact, the worst thing that has happened to me is making a quick start and having the car nose dive when the TC cuts the power. You can selectively enable more or less overwatch from the TC
Thats what I thought. I was a little confused by the "SC/TC cant handle my power!" statements.

Shaun are you coming to Nationals this year? I would love to see your car!! I saw at the shop last year when I picked up mine!
I would love to make the national event one of these days. Not sure if it will happen this year.
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