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I say since this had turned into a Traction control discussion in stead of what the intended poster was wanting. That we can agree that we all have what we experience when using traction control. And I it is very interesting that there are different experiences. Which make for an interesting discussion. But getting back to is it worth it or not, I think you have heard from most of us V8 owners that it is all in what you want and like. Most say it is that V8 sound, which I have to cast my vote and say yes that does it for me too! And just the unique and wow factor when I go to car meets, lends to having fun discussions with others that ask questions. The number 1 question I get is, how did that engine fit in there, or I bet that was a bear to squeeze in, what did you have to change to make it fit. Most can't believe that I pretty much sets in with changes to the motor mounts and location. But I enjoy what PAW had created for me and it is definately fun to drive.

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