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HotScott, I agree with both points, I think the V8 sound is one of the main reasons I wanted one, to me it is the equivalent of a modern Shelby Cobra, but with roll up windows (power), A/C, a sound system ect..... I think it attracts the same type of people. I don't have any issue with Hopping up the stock 4 cylinders engines, but you could call me old school (or just old) I do like the sound and feel of a V-8 engine. Not to mention the low end torque!

I have owned some Turbo charged cars, a 86 Tbird and a 87 Grand national, I also own a 2012 F-150 with the 3.5 Ecoboost, all good cars but it is a different driving experience compared to a healthy V8 engine.

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