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Originally Posted by Bloodbath McGra View Post
I'm from NJ, and seriously debating getting an LS3 with a nice lumpy cam dropped into my Solstice. Question is, how does the car handle after having around 500 ponies under the hood? Does it break traction too easily and never hook up? Is the additional weight in the front make driving it a chore?

Also looking to see how much you guys spent on your swaps. I've seen shops online offer about $23,000 give or take a little for what I'm looking for. That seems a bit high, in my opinion, but I could be wrong.

Also, what did you do with your ecotech? Mine only has about 32,000 on it, but I don't think I'd get much if I tried to sell it nor would there be a huge market.
It's a personal decision with many considerations. If this v8 conversion will be a daily driver, many would rather go with something else, but it's an interesting option as a second or third car. Some owners love them, other's have had problems. How some potential issues may affect your enjoyment should be considered, and is often different from others. Some people love v8 conversion cars of all stripes, others decidedly not. A v8 conversion makes a fun weekend and show car. OTOH, a v8 conversion will need lots of extra $$ and parts if you want to make it abuse/track proof (think upgraded axles, different/replacement diffs, etc). Some people don't like tinkering, some people like to tinker, some people love tinkering. Some people gotta have a v8, or really want a v8, other's could care less what engine a car has as long as it performs, such 500+ whp and awesome handling. There are a lot of competing great car options out there with mild to wild builds for $30k to consider.

I'd say traction may be an issue, but there are ways ($$) to help alleviate that if it is very important. One could easily add $5k+ to get the best fixes.

GMTech built the gold standard kappa v8 by a fair margin. If I got someone to build it like that I'd be a lot more comfortable with the purchase.

No right or wrong choices here. The v8 kappa cars have plenty of owners and fans.

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