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WindRestrictor® Turn Your Car Into A Light Show


*Yes! We can put ANY image on your wind blocker*

If you drive a Sky, Solstice, OpelGT, Daewoo...Heck a Kappa, WindRestrictor® has a product for you! Our wind blocker (wind deflector) is laser-etched with standard and custom images and logos. With our standard, expect General Motors licensed graphics. If custom is your thing, we can recreate any image you can imagine. Transformers, Bat Signals, Bumblebees, and a whole lot more! Use us to advertise your business or product, show loyalty to your sports team, or show a family portrait. Your deflector is now a frame for any art you'd like to show off. Then, light it up with one of eight different colors.

Forget rattling and shaking from airflow or loose fitting brackets. Our fastening system holds your new toy tightly in place. Compare us to models that use plastic belts or straps. They can shimmy for a whole ride. The WindRestrictor® brand blocker keeps excessive noise and wind at bay. Enjoy personal conversations, your sound system, and stop excessive hair tangling.

Add 5% off and a free lifetime warranty when you click on the link below and you have a quite a deal. We're a proud sponsor of the Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice forums. Check us out today!

Use code "Paul10" save 10%
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