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Originally Posted by easyryderca View Post
Thanks for trying chickenwire i may get lucky & some one on the site may have a lead on one.
Its crazy as how fast some of the rubber parts for the car are no longer available.
Actually, it's not that crazy. U.S. car companies squeezed suppliers to pay for their own tooling over the last 25 years. As such, the suppliers would have to amortize the cost of tooling over a period of years. This always causes a problem in that the design of the component is technically owned by the car maker, but the tooling is owned by the supplier. GM goes bankrupt, leavings millions in unpaid bills to suppliers, they never get paid, they've already paid for the tooling but technically can't sell the parts off of the tooling because the design is still owned by GM.

Supplier cuts their costs by collecting scrap money for the tooling, parts never get produced again, and here we are today.

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