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I've only been here about 8 years and I feel like this has been quite a bit of snow for us. Perhaps it's because I've only owned a house here for two years, so I'm finally having to shovel snow, whereas I've never had to before. Is this amount of snow normal??
Its cyclical and regional. We moved to Castle Rock in 85. We had snow window deep on Lovie's Jeep Wrangler every year. 12 to 18 inches of snow was not unusual. Generally 3-4 times a year.

We moved to Colorado Springs and got snow 6-10 times a year where we lived in Widefield. I had a tracked snow blower because I needed it.

The first year we moved to Parker in 96 I got snowed in on Pena Blvd over night and when I finally got to my neighborhood it took me over an hour to travel a block to my driveway. The snow measured 30 inches deep in the street on the level in front of my house. It took me hours to blow the driveway so I could get the truck parked.

Last year I did not need the blower as the snow was sparse and infrequent.

I am prepared. I have a snow shovel at each door to the house. I have a heated snow melting mat for the front entry to the house so its always clear. I have a three stage blower and when I use it I blow my three car drive, the sidewalk two houses each way, and the street in front of my house and on the side where I park the truck. But more important, we live on the SUNNY side of the street! So the sun melts any residual snow generally within a day of its arrival

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