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No tube amps in my history.

My first amp was a Dynaco kit.

Then I had a Phase Linear 400.

Somewhere in the 70's, bought a Nikko Audio stack with an Alpha 230 amp.

Started DJ'ing for money and bought two Carver M400 Cube Amps. Carver amps were magnetic field and weighed a lot less than other types of amps. Plus more headroom. Phase Linear was a Bob Carver company.

Bought a Carver M 1.5 amp for DJ.

Upgraded to a Carver PM 1200 in the late 80's. The previous Carver amps were consumer home models and components would come loose during transport. Additionally, the consumer amps would overheat from continuous high power demands of DJ'ing. The PM series amps were designed for pro use and was built to survive transportation and had fans to keep it cool.

I used the PM 1200 for over 35 years until I retired. It never developed any problems. I still have it and it works and looks brand new. All my equipment were racked mounted in SKB Thermoplastic Rack Cases.

I favored Carver amps because they were located here in Washington State. I used to drive up to Lynnwood to have Carver consumer amps repaired and hang out with Bob Carver. I had pretty good hearing in those days and he had me do double blind testing of his inventions. I spent a lot of time test listening to his "Sonic Holography" receivers as he made changes to the software. He reimbursed me for my time with free equipment!

He also took interest when I brought in a Carver consumer amp in for repairs. A lot of times Bob would actually resolder a broken solder joint himself. While repairing amps, he took pictures and notes of the failures. When he designed the PM professional series, he developed a different way to solder components to prevent failures.

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