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Almost missed this thread - my mouse kacked on me and using a pad on a laptop is a pain so I hadn't visited until I got a new mouse.

I'm a big home audio fan - I have a primary system, a very good secondary system and a tertiary system that is also SOTA as of about 1990, made up of older gear that I just couldn't bring myself to part with, as well as a very modest system in the library.

To the tube guys - John, the Macs never go out of style and a lot of the old ones have become quite collectible. The Quicksilvers are very good and went from a hobbyist manufacturer to a mid sized manufacturer without losing any of the personal touch - you can still call them and they will talk to you.

I run tubes in my main system (CJ Premier 11A and CJ Premier 14) and a tube phono pre-preamp in the second upstairs system (CJ Premier 15). The rest of my systems are solid state, usually with large heavy Class A power amps, and I switch the main system to solid state for home theatre use.

Cerwin Vega - not a fan - never heard an accurate speaker from them, but they have a big following in the give-me-bass-volume- or-don't-bother-me crowd.

Speaker fixing - had a pair of 15" JBL 2235 drivers in some bass bins for home theatre use and they had the surrounds go out. Happens on almost all foam surrounds eventually - have a couple of sets of the old Boston Acoustics A40s that I haven't got around to refoaming as I have not current need for them. Getting a bit hard to find people who do this unless you have a large city with a pro audio repair depot handy.

8 track - fatally flawed medium as the transport method is almost designed to result in tape stretch. My old Lamborghini, which I had on a collector car license so couldn't swap in a modern CD player, had a functional 8 track. I had no tapes and didn't want to buy any as it would bother me every time I heard the stretched tapes, so I got a cassette converter that plugged into the 8 track. Only problem was that where the deck was mounted, right in front of th shifter, meant that any shift to 1st, 3rd, or 5th would push the cassette in and start it playing....

Cassette - the last factory installed cassette decks were used around the end of the 1980s (some may have persisted longer). I had a factory Delco cassette deck in my 1988 Fiero GT and after a few years wanted to switch to a CD player without making the car a n attraction for thieves, so I got an early Delco CD player from an early 90s Firebird that looked the same as the old deck. I still have a cassette deck (with remote changer) in my 71 Jensen Interceptor, but plan on switching it to digital in the near term, possibly with one of those vintage looking units that you plug a USB stick into with all your music.

Turntables - vinyl is still my preferred medium. If I am going to sit down for a listening session, it is usually spinning vinyl on one of two systems. Early days in CD, vinyl was very often better sounding. Today it is a toss up - some sic is better on digital, some on analogue and it depends on the mastering (a lot has been recently remastered) and such. Vinyl is more fiddly - need proper facilities for cleaning it and it takes more time and care in the playing (a broken stylus can ruin the whole day if replacement cost is in the thousands) but there is still a lot of satisfaction in it.

Digital - I ripped my whole c. 4000 CD library to a server with a couple of 4 TB hard drives set up in RAID configuration, which means that I can walk into any system in the house and control play with a computer or my cell phone. Very convenient! When I travel in the Solstice, I use an ipod feeding the port on the radio - haven't bothered trying to find one of the rare 2009 USB decks for the car - in fact have never seen a Solstice with an original one - must be rare.

Finally, it is interesting how things change in the audio world. Old brands like Marantz that were very highly regarded in the old days, died out or were pretty much defunct and have come back, either because they have really been revived or, like Bugatti, because someone bought the name.

Some of the stuff that was never very highly regarded has come back much better than it ever was in the old days. Technics was a mid-fi brand that made excellent and very durable pro level turntables. They never had much credibility in the high end audio world, yet today they have released some units that have been very well reviewed indeed! (And expensive - the new version of the perennial fave SL 1200 table costs $4K now!)

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