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Music for DJ use didn't used to be very critical in terms of noise floor as the surroundings were anticipated to be pretty noisy, unlike a quiet home environment.

The car turntables managed to keep the stylus in the grove by using obscene stylus pressures, basically ech play machining a little way into the record, so yes, that application sure did ruin discs. A normal cartridge takes far less tracking force. The Koetsu I use in my main system takes 1.8-2.0 grams and the Lyra in the second system uses a VTF of only 1.5 - 1.7 g. Wear to the record groove is minimal and they last for many hundreds if not more replays without sonic degradation. The most critical part is to have clean surfaces. Anyone listening on my system comments that there are no ticks and pops, and find that remarkable. If you start with undamaged vinyl and keep it clean, that should be the standard.

I agree that convenience hugely favours digital and that many hobbyists find vinyl to be overly 'fussy'. Nonetheless, as I sit typing this, I am listening to vinyl of Michel Legrand, a jazz musician who passed away last month, and sitting reading and occasionally looking at the computer and do not regret that it isn't digital.....

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