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Originally Posted by easyryderca View Post
Bill your back i hadn't seen a comment from you in a bit & was wondering.I have used the Vancouver Audio Speaker Clinic to get my woofers worked & they did a good job. I think in previous threads you just touched on been a home audio fan. I have seen a few of those vintage units now with the usb port some look very good. When you ripped your cds what files did you use was it Flac files? I still love the warm sound out of tube amps as you can load them up with out saturation. Just bought a soul food pedal to give me that tube sound while running my axe plugged into my crate amp.
Van Audio has been the go-to for years for speaker repair here. Sadly, one of the remaining principals passed away a little while ago, so there is only one left. Hopefully he will stay in the business!

Yes, tube gear normally has 'soft' clipping when overdriven (still not a great idea in a home system, although done all the time in guitar amps).

Yes, I rip to Flac which is a compressed format that does not throw bits away - called 'lossless'. The other popular lossless format is Apple Lossless but I don't like the limitations that Apple tends to impose on their stuff.

I use dBpoweramp for ripping and Sonos to manage the music (keeps it in alphabetic order with album images and facilitates finding and playing files). Lots of options out there now.

I forget where you are living - have a good friend from law school days living in Penticton who plays bass in a local hobby band, so if you need info on where to find repairs, parts etc. up there, let me know and I can ask.

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