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Originally Posted by easyryderca View Post
I was a vinyl junkie back in the 70s & loved going to record swaps . I finally made it to the Austin Show. Use to subscribe to High Fidelity & Sound Magazine back in the day .
Easyryderca, I completely forgot about the magazines. Stereo Review, High Fidelity, etc.

I had a subscription to Stereo Review from the 60's until the 2000's

I would read each issue from cover to cover when I was a kid I remember their music reviews were Frank Sinatra, Herb Albert, Nancy Sinatra, etc. and classical music. When they started reviewing rock music, I was elated. Except that the reviewers were a bunch of geezers that didn't like rock and tended to give unfairly poor reviews to pretty much everyone.

Streo Review was excellent through the 70's through the 90's. They reviewed equipment I could afford and modern rock music. I stopped subscribing in the 2000's when the magazine merged with a video magazine and became Sound and Vision. They started devoting more space to video, since that was on the rise. They started reviewing $10,000 speakers, $30,000 turntables and $100,000 home theatres and other equipment that I could not afford. And the music reviews were done by young writers who tended to review current music and not many classic rock releases. What come around ......

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