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Can you test drive the car? I mean take the sales guy and find a twisty road with altitude change, drastic if possible. Find a road where 45-50 and then drops to 10-15 are the normal speeds with the turns, as many as possible.

Put the auto in I gear and drive it. I mean drive it as hard as you can, shift to 4th when you need to, but keep the car in I gear. It will not only amaze you, it will terrify you. Incredible. I would never drive a manual because the auto is sooooooooooooo much better and way more fun. Driving a stick on long runs, our runs are around the 250 mile area. The stick become way more of a labor, The wife has a stick, and I drive it when I absolutely have to. Not as fast, not as quick out of the corners for me, not even close. But you have to use the I gear, running in 4th or drive it is just like any other auto. You will have control of the car, or you better. It is soooooo much fun.

I drove a stick for 40 years, then moved to SoCal. Sticks not so much fun in our stop and go world. Wife likes driving her car in the mountains, but she will not drive it to the mall or to get groceries.

And most on both of the Kappa boards have no knowledge of the I gear or have ever driven a car with it. It is a very strong transmission that works extremely well in our cars. I got rid of Mallett because I hated driving it. If it had been an automatic I might have kept it.

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