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Okay. Can you please try to read codes? If you have an intercooler issue, YOU WILL HAVE A CEL because the issue doesn't just go away like a HPFP issue!!!! If you have a faulty HPFP, you will have codes pending. An intercooler will set a CEL. A HPFP will not. As I stated earlier, the HPFP will pend a code (p2188 or p2178, one is too rich at idle, the other is too lean at idle). What happens is that the car, when it pends these codes, as I stated earlier, somewhat reduces a bit of power. If you have a hole or ballooned IC, it will limit you to 5psi and you'll get a CEL. With the HPFP, you have to meet certain criteria 5 times within so many minutes to get a CEL and be limited to the 5psi. Until that point, the code "pends". If the code has pended, it only moderately limits your performance. Please....check for a "pending" code.

And for the record, I have a stock IC. I have a 283hp tune (which equates to about 330hp at the crank)...I get 24psi of boost.... I have no issue with my stock IC. The GMPP tunes are 290hp at the crank or 290bhp before anyone asks....


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