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Originally Posted by ChopTop View Post
always wondered if crimping affects boost over the long haul.
Mine is soldered, so that wouldn't be a problem here, fortunately.

Originally Posted by rob the elder View Post
How many miles? Have you pulled the plugs... Have you taken a look at the HPFP? Make sure the in tank fuel pump is working to specs. Have you looked at the throttle body? Have you checked the PCV nipple on the hose to the air filter? Check the connectors to the intake sensors. Cleaned the MAF lately or ever?
Mileage is just under 50k. I have not checked the plugs but will do so. I replaced the HPFP just over a year ago. I have not checked the throttle body. PCV nipple is good. I need to do a connection check, including the fuel pressure sensor. I cleaned the MAF last year, but I'm tempted to just replace it along with the upstream O2 sensor for good measure.

Originally Posted by MattM View Post
I would add that you might want to look at all coupler clamps on your intake path.
Good advice. Thanks!

Originally Posted by phil1734 View Post
I don't know about fuel mileage, but look through the front grilles and check if your intercooler is ballooning.
I had never heard of this, and I thought I knew everything. ;-) Looks good though. I'll keep an eye on it.

Originally Posted by The_Ghost View Post
You need a HPFP. It's leaking.
I just changed the HPFP about 18 months ago (because my oil had gas in it and the cam solenoids went bad) and it is ticking regularly and as expected. I do my own code checking and there are no other codes, pending or otherwise. Also, my one code I do get (P0089) will go away on its own after a couple cycles, so it's minor — pretty confident it's the fuel rail pressure sensor since 99% of the time the HPFP tends to throw *both* the P0089 and P0087.

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