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2007 Solstice GXP

I have owned the car since January and the first problem I ran into was the fuel pump sending unit. Ended up changing out the pump to be safe. The car is stock with the exception of an airbox mod I did and a gutted cat. Car was tuned by me using HPTuners and has been since before I bought the car. Yesterday I got the cel on and I had a code for "bank 1 too lean at idle" and "catalyst efficiency below threshold". when I hooked my laptop on the fuel trims were off by 0.3 which imho is pretty good(I love how I can get the lnf fuel trims that close). So I erased the codes and went on with my day. I disabled the cat code on the tune. Worked fine last night and today until I turn on the car around noon and get the "eng pwr reduced" message and right away I thought oh no I'm in limp mode. But the car runs fine, drives fine, holds 22 psi at wot and there are no CELs. Car drives like normal but the message comes on now Everytime I start the car. Has anyone e experienced this before?? Any ideas what's going on? I usually associate that message as a problem with the throttle body. But the car runs fine and does not have a rough idle or anything.
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