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well I ordered some silly noids for it, and a cam sensor just incase ,there cheep. I pulled buth solenoids.cleaned them shook the crap out of them and flushed good, some crap in them. replaced put them back in( the new stuff wont be hear till next week.so Ill try this) then drained the oil witch looked new but was thick..im not used o dino oil...refilled with syn. then pulled the wadded up filter out of it.......effing morons. replaced with new filter. what a noise these engines make when starting after filter&oil change, wish I could just spin it before it fires up to get oil pressure. went for a ride.....well it seemed to have about 40 more hp or so and pulls much better. I ordered a obd scanner to read and clear codes. I just hope the effed up filter ddnt do to much hurt.I wonder how many miles it has like that, the dealer I bought it from said they changed the oil in november...they may also of cleared the code before I picked it up or it threw it on the way home for the first time...ow well it's much better now.and my smile is a tad bigger. now for a flash& build proper a header for it.and put in the dvd/gps.
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