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no they changed this one, but it was all wadded up in there like they put the finter down in the case all wonkey not seated in the cap.and when the cap was screwed on it was cocked or something and forced it down wadding it up. I dont like these straight pleated filters for this kind of application any way as they have nowhere to go when compressed, it shopuld be either spring loaded with very little tollarance in length so it dosent crush the filter. some good "O" rings to take up the clearance or a zig zag pleat like the ac delco filter from france is( witch I have comming). or even a slight twisted pleat may work to keep from dystroying the filter. the oil I deaind out looked like it was comming out of the jug, extreamly clean looking witch is a good sine, not all funkey from moisture or a engine that hasent seen many oil changes. but it's the **** that got by the filter that worrys me.. I do wish these engines had a anti drain back valve in them since syn is so thin it dose not take long for it to all drain back. Gm effed up on that.
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