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Glovebox replacement

Does anyone have any tips on reinstalling a glovebox?

One of the hinges on the original box was broken (probably by a previous owner, as the blower motor has been replaced), so removing the old box was relatively easy. However, due to the design of the hinges (fixed--with two facing down and the center one facing up) replacing it seems to involve some force, and d I don't want to break the hinge on the replacement box.

The only reference I can find on the forum is here:


(post 7), and I'm hoping for some more detail than this.

"To put [the glovebox] back on I had to have glove box straight down, for right side then pull box a 90 degree angle and push in, it magically snapped in. this was after 1/2 hour of messing with it."

Can anyone elaborate?
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