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Timing Chain replacemement

Had posted earlier about Camshaft Position Sensor - My wife has a 2008 Solstice GXP with 90k miles on it that just quit on her on the road. I brought the car home, checked to see if it cranked & had ignition & gas - all seemed ok. did compression check - sort of ok on 1 3, nothing on 2 & 4.

Pulled off the timing cover and noted a loose timing chain, so I have a timing set on order.

Am I wasting my time doing this or is there a chance that replacement will fix this? I'd rather spend a couple hundred and a weekend than the cost and effort of a replacement engine. Are there other checks i can do before tearing into this?? I ran a USB camera down the spark plug holes to look at the pistons and hard to tell if there has been any valve / piston collisions or not. Lots of carbon buildup.

Can anyone point me to a good step by step timing chain set replacement procedure for this vehicle? What all has to be pulled out in front of the engine to do this- hood, radiator, air intake ?? I'd like to pull as little as possible.

Also, are there any specialized tools?? All that comes to mind is a harmonic balancer removal tool.

thanks in advance,

Ft Worth TX
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