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GMPP tune and tunes in general

Good morning,

As newbie to tuning I would kindly ask the following:

1- Are tunes in general CAR SPECIFIC or Engine SPECIFC or everyone gets the same tune -- say one opts for the GMPP tune, has access to 'the gms1 data file' and has a HP-tunner HPVI2 scanner, is the data the same from car to car? or if one went to a dealer ( as we all know Pontiac is long gone I assume this could be done at a proper Chevy dealership but I digress) would the dealer just load the tune data? or they specifically PER CAR change the tune to suit your specific car, obviously in my case this is a Solstice GXP 2008 in my case.
2- I happen to own a HPVI1 scanner tool, along with obtaining 3-bar sensors, I have found on the net not expensive, could this easily be done by a newbie? or we are looking at something massively complex and one should not tread where only the brave walk ??
3- I wish to learn, since I work on my car myself. I bought my roadster used and as far as I can tell -- so far it is bone stock. The boost comes up 15.22xx PSI -- which as I understand it is the bone non-tuned expected value. it does not have the 3-bar sensors but the original 2-bolt factory ones.
4- I am reading all I can, and also joined the HP_Tunners forum, but after spending hours reading, I have even more questions and confusion. the big issue is simply a lot of contradicting information. what I should 'change re: hardware on the car, like charge pipes, HFC High-flow cat, CAI etc.. and many others saying change nothing -- all show no go -- perhaps not for the HFC. but in regard to the 3-bar sensors many point out not required for some tunes (others , RPM, Trifecta etc) and mandatory for GMPP tune. I even read a very lengthy posting in HP-tuners that the 3bar sensor should always be used since mathematically the 2.5 (or 2.75 bar sensor that is my 2008 Solstice, which according to some exists for my model year) is required because the lower sensors cannot properly handle 21+ PSI mathematically -- and should be used always.

thank you for your time.

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