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It all depends on what your end goals are for the car... 'canned' tunes (GMPP, Trifecta) work well on non-modded or lightly modded cars. If you are thinking about a turbo swap or running E85 gas, then a custom tune (HP) would allow you to dial in specific parameters for your mods. I went down the middle route using Trifecta's switchable tune, their base tune (similar to GMPP) is running all the time (Trifecta can calibrate it for the 3 bar MAP sensors). When I double tap the traction control button (into competitive mode) a custom tune is activated. This custom tune takes into account all of the mods on my car - CAI, charge pipes, big IC, HFC and race exhaust. If you go with a custom tune, I would partner with a shop that has experience with these cars (engines)... there is a lot that can go wrong.

2008 GXP Aggressive Red - SOL LVR - Trifecta custom switchable tune - DDM CAI/charge tubes/silicone hoses - Werks IC - Solo Hi-flow Cat/Mach Shorty exhaust - DDM Probeam/Backbone/Venom brace - Sprint Booster - Short throw shifter - Full LED conversion w/pulsating third brake light and sequential turn signals - SaddlX & GearTripR center console - Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

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