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Canned tunes are fine until you do major upgrades like a turbo or IC and HFC. Even with the HFC and IC, a canned tune will still run well.

Just so you know, e85 was mentioned, you CAN NOT run a full e85 tune without a fifth injector. You can run an e47 (1/2 e85, half 91) but they're a pain in the arse to measure and get right with the fuel.

Can you install a tune? Maybe. It depends on your computer literacy.

Can you build a tune? I wouldn't recommend doing your first tune or your first 10 tunes by yourself without anyone that knows the LNF. Too much stuff can be changed and while these motors are bullet proof if tuned correctly, they're really like a delicate rose if tuned improperly. For instance, LNFs do not like knock. They also don't really like anything other then 14.7 AFR at idle.

If you want a good start, do a high flow cat (HFC) an IC (Intercooler), the 3 BAR sensors, and charge pipes. DO NOT put a CAI as it does nothing until after you add a bigger turbo and a lot can be hard to tune with on the vehicle. They look cool and sound cool because you get the ppssshhhhh from the wastegate and internal BOV, but they do nothing other then cause headaches when tuning your car. Then add the GMPP or like tune. You should easily see 330-350 at the crank. Mine is dyno'd and if I had a HFC and IC, the tuner said mine would have been north of 350hp at the crank. Instead I got 283 at the wheels (so 283 x 1.17(loss of hp through the drivetrain) = ~330hp

Be sure to ask any questions, but like belly buttons, Camaros and Mustangs, almost everyone here will have an opinion at one point or another!!


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