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good evening, thank you both for the excellent replies. I am reading all I can, and a lot of searches. Unfortunately I am rather late to the game, so to speak. I recently purchased my 2008 GXP here in Ontario Canada, and I truly love the car, amazing fun to drive. Just today installed a lighted / etched Windristricter and now want to consider a tune. I reached out to RPM in Arizona, well really he reached out to me initially on a facebook member page I do for Ontario Solstice and Sky owners. I thought it would be interesting to purchase a HP Tuner HPMVi2 tool/scanner suite, since I am a software developer by profession for embedded computers so the ECM programming is very similar in style to what I do with several microcontrollers.

My questions revolve around the TUNES themselves -- for example:

- you can purchase online a 'kit' from a famous web-site somethin-engines for 700+ u.s. dollars -- it includes the 3-bar sensors and the adapter cables so you do not have to solder, I assume this also includes the ACTUAL TUNE but you have to go to a dealer to get it -- I would imagine? or are you paying 700 dollars for roughly 100 dollars in parts, the 3bar sensors are easily obtained -- 29.00 dollars each and the adapter cables same. -- strange this costs so much I assume this is for the 'tune data itself' -- the actual loading is more even on top of that.

- my question is, if someone had the tune already, and had it READ OUT and written to a file, is this DATA from the tune on another identical car the same one would be written to 'another car' provided one had 2-credit and a HP Tuner MPVI2 tool ? is the tune itself CAR Specific? or it is just settings -- applies one to all ??

- is the tune itself a copyrighted thing? is there a repository of tunes on the internet? HP TUNERS -- has a repository and they have the GMPP tune there -- but I am told it is a 'sample ' one -- is this correct?

- I want to learn what this all means - -with respect to the values you enter -- for the various tables/PIDS ?? for example a given stock car can be logged -- data recorded -- by driving the car, the question is:

- ok we have data for the tune -- the parameters of the tune itself. however one drives the car to get it 'data logged' -- is this data how the car REACTS to the tune settings? or this is the actual tune? this is not clear to me. if the data-logger / data -recorder of a given car STOCK or NOT is the result of driving it, how does GM sell the 'tune' i.e. the GMPP tune as a canned file? or specific to your CAR -- i.e. they go out record the data and special create a file specific to your car -- load the data which makes up the tune, and then re-drives the car again and re-records the data -- make sense?

- this contradicts Trifecta, since they lock the tune, and it is essentially plug-and-play you PAY them money, they provide a cable and the tune file (I assume) and you upload it to your car -- this is not data logging, this is not custom to specific car but a general thing -- is this correct? I have not purchased or know anyone whom is using the Trifecta method/tune only what I can see on their web site.

From what I can see tuning is 'the art of changing the various values of the given tables visible to the HP-TUNER PC application for example. The GMPP (done by GM dealer if you can find a qualified one) or the Trifecta which essentially says -- plug this in and pow done.

I want to learn at a much deeper level, to truly understand the tuning -- I am reading the tune bible on HP-TUNER forums and reading all I can here. It is sad I have not found too many other Solstice owners here in Ontario, that have the knowledge about tuning and working on the car directly, I am certainly there are VERY qualified people here in Ontario or people like yourself; thank you for your kind assistance; so that I may learn about my car and enjoy it all the more.

I purchase the car as a father/son project -- more quality time with my son -- maintaining the car, when I purchased the Solstice I did not even know there was such thing as a tune or the ability to do so. I wanted to teach my son basic maintenance -- oil change, brakes, etc.. the tuning became interesting because I do something very similar for a living. -- but where to start?

there is a lot of contradictory information on the forums, and I guess the only way to learn is real world experience -- but at the same time I certainly do not want to brick my ECM !!

Any information about tunes and how they related to 'specific car or general ' would be nice to learn, and I am speaking right now of a stock not altered Solstice -- and applying the tune to this.

is the 3-bar sensor really needed-- many say no, but then say 24 PSI boost and the math says that stock sensors would be inadequate to handle them and you are out-of-control -- or is this truly not the case?

things like this. step-by-step procedures and advice from one whom has done this already -- would be nice to hear.

later on, I may consider adding / changing hardware -- i.e. HFC. IC, charge-pipes -- but first let's learn what I have in front of me.

thank you --regards
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