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Good day, thank you very much one and all for the excellent feedback and very good advice. Perhaps I was not clear, I will be using a professional tuner to assist in the tune of my car, my goal; which really is not to have the ultimate HP gains or performance, it is learning. While I certainly do not want to brick my ECM or heaven forbid destroy my engine; which the more I read about tuning; the more I lean how easy it would be to do so; my intention is simply to understand what is being done and what the various changes mean -- what does x-do or y-do or why is this changed etc. I purchased my car as a learning experience and once again to spend quality time with my son.

While yes, I can certainly go and purchase a CANNED tune -- GMPP ( I did not mention createnegines because I did not know the rules of the forum with respect to noting other vendors) and/or Trifecta. I contacted Martin Scott at RPM whom has been VERY informative and VERY NICE to work with -- high compliments to him here; I purchased from him the HP _TUNER HPMVI2 scanner and suit, not just to TUNE my car but to examine my car and learn what the tables and contents mean. As I noted earlier I am a software developer and work regularly with embedded controllers, much like the ECM our cars.

I am looking to:

- apply a tune -- with of course the FULL GUIDENCE and CONTROL Of a proper professional tuner. I thought the trifecta is very nice and many a member says go and do this, it does not teach me anything , I cannot see what is done -- this is not my goal.

- change the charge pipes -- why ? because I simply like working on my car and I can show and have my son actually wrench the car. I know, I have read countless posts that say they will not really increase anything, fine I think they look nice.

- change the HFC - this as I read does add to performance but once again this is another thing to change the work involved.

- CAI -- cold air intake -- looks nice. do I want to do this, not sure right now, on the fence here, I can put in a K&N filter replacement for my stock one in the black box and leave as is, but again the CAI looks nice -- is it a good idea -- not sure more reading required.

my car is long long long out of warranty, and I purchased it as a project, to actually work on it -- not just drive it, actually I have to admit I am very surprised at how well this car drives, I wanted a smaller roadster, thought hmm -- should I buy a miata -- no not as aggressive looking, so I thought buy the orphan -- the Solstice - found a excellent condition 2008 with rather low KM's up here in Canada and thought this would be a nice place to start.

I plan ultimately some day to build a Cobra, so I thought this would be 'a great place to start with a baby-Cobra' dare I say....

learning is my goal here really. Not outfitting the car with the greatest HP or torque, I do not plan on changing the IC or the turbo, really I just wanted to understand the GMPP upgrade really this is what got me started with looking into TUNES -- after I had purchased my GXP I read the article --totally by chance that these cars could get a factory TUNE -- but I wanted to understand what really does this mean -- does this add to my life? does this make ownership of the car better? does this make the driving of the car better -- no not really; none at all most likely, but I am the type of person whom likes to understand the toys I am playin with.

Once again thank you everyone with the great advice. I will be working with a trained and 'safe' expert (I assume based on all I read) tuner -- to modestly tune my car and at the same time permit me to 'RE_EXAMINE IT over time' not to change it mind you, just examine / log the car-- what is doing what, what means what etc...

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