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Charge pipes - no more power but look nicer than stock (may add power on seriously modded cars with larger turbos)

CAI - no more power but look nicer than stock and eliminate a weak plastic bit that can break and cause grief

Larger capacity IC - no more power per se, but you keep whatever you have longer before heat soak gets to the engine and saps it.

Tunes - GMPP is a modest tune that many people used while under warranty. No point in going that way today as it costs more for less result and uses sensors that are unneeded by other tunes (although several can accommodate them)

Trifecta - can be a basic canned tune that suits stock or mildly modded cars, or custom with datalogging, the latter being necessary when more fundamental mods are performed (e.g. larger turbos). Their tunes are 'locked' presumably so no one can blame them for blow ups that might result if others could meddle with them.

HP tuners tunes - done by everyone from novices to experts - choose wisely!

PS - I have run stock, GMPP, canned Trifecta and custom Trifecta.

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