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Just curious, assuming someone bought GMPP and put on the 3-bar sensors that are required. What is to stop someone with a HP-TUNER -- readout the data setting and then put the same data onto another car by writing the data out?

this is my question are tunes car specific, I do not see how since Trifecta is loaded without any -pre-scanning- of your car you just buy it and upload it and done. With respect to the GMPP tune, is this not the same, ok you need 3-bar sensors but they cost like 100 dollars for both and the two pig-tail adapters so you do not have to solder. it is the CODE the data part I assume costs all the money?

is this copyrighted? meaning you cannot share this data? It is not truly yet clear to me if a TUNE is car specific or just a file of data that everyone gets and you put it in and done with.

I understand CUSTOM TUNES -above and beyond standard TUNES (meaning not the factory one, the one that gives you more performance like the GMPP for example -- I would call that a standard TUNE on top of the factory tune/settings -- replacing it, or the trifecta doing the same - replacing It. This is not CUSTOM TUNE because -- as I read and understand it - these are all the same - come one come all tunes for Solstice cars.

the Custom tune then goes beyond that, much beyond that and ties into equipment upgraded in the car, way beyond GM parts, like a new turbo or more -- this is not where I am going, I may change a few pieces mostly for cosmetic reasons but I still would like to understand the TUNE and what the parameters mean, which in most cases; I see means little to nothing to others, since they simply want to go fast !! totally reasonable and understandable, I am looking to learn mostly, going fast is really nice, sure but is not my primary goal in my work with the car.

I tell you a funny story, I was going to buy 100 dollar car, but the wife would not let me she knew it would be in pieces most likely for ever in the garage, yes I would be spending a lot of time with my son but we would never get to drive the car, so the Solstice while an orphan at least runs !!

Tuning the car - I am not about to do this myself, I will talk with a pro fist, but I just as I noted above want to learn.

This is why I am asking so much.

When I spoke with RPM -- Martin whom will ultimately do my tune, said I have to log/data record my car, which I will do. then he will TUNE - so to speak either a stage1 or 2 (2 if I purchase the charge pipes and optionally on top of that HFC or CAI too -- but I agree with all the comments here regarding add-ons).

it is the concept and the underlying understanding of what is being done to my car, I am looking to learn. there is a lot of information on the HP-TUNERS forum and I am reading a lot and trying to learn but that is many different types of cars, I thought to ask fellow Solstice / sky owners what they have done in the past.

thank you
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