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Originally Posted by charles2010 View Post
Just curious, assuming someone bought GMPP and put on the 3-bar sensors that are required. What is to stop someone with a HP-TUNER -- readout the data setting and then put the same data onto another car by writing the data out?Charles2010
Nothing. With HPTuners, you can copy and paste the tune to as many cars as you want as long as the VIN matches and you buy credits for each VIN.

Originally Posted by charles2010 View Post
this is my question are tunes car specific, I do not see how since Trifecta is loaded without any -pre-scanning- of your car you just buy it and upload it and done. With respect to the GMPP tune, is this not the same, ok you need 3-bar sensors but they cost like 100 dollars for both and the two pig-tail adapters so you do not have to solder. it is the CODE the data part I assume costs all the money?
As stated above, the GMPP tune was for cars that were still under factory warranty. They also extended the factory warranty as long as the vehicle was still under factory warranty. The code is not vehicle specific...per say. In other words, a Trifecta tune for an LNF motor in a Solstice is "probably" different then a tune in a Cobalt LNF motor. One is transverse mounted, one is front/rear mounted. You can do specific tunes for cars, but it "usually" involves either going through 4 of the 5 gears with a heavy foot, or a dyno to get the most out of your car. Trifecta and GMPP tunes are very similar....in fact I believe that Trifecta used the GMPP as a baseline. My advice to you is to find either a GMPP or Trifecta tune and use it as your baseline tune.

You must also understand that parts wear as do sensors. So your MAF sensor might not register the same as mine, thus causing a different condition in the motor. There is a tolerance built into these sensors and to the canned tunes. With a custom, specific tune, you are taking that tolerance out, as I did with my dyno tune. Which means when parts start to wear, the vehicle will act differently whereas with a canned tune, it won't be very noticable.

Furthermore with tunes, what many people here don't know, is that with every "overlay" of a new tune, the ECM counts. So if you upload a tune 15 times, the ECM will always hold and GM engineering can tell, how many times your car has been tuned. So everytime someone uses the 2 layer Trifecta tune and it write and rewrites internally, the ECM does keep track of that and GM engineering can pull those numbers. Not that it's that big of deal anymore since everyone is out of warranty....

Originally Posted by charles2010 View Post
the Custom tune then goes beyond that, much beyond that and ties into equipment upgraded in the car, way beyond GM parts, like a new turbo or more -- this is not where I am going, I may change a few pieces mostly for cosmetic reasons but I still would like to understand the TUNE and what the parameters mean, which in most cases; I see means little to nothing to others, since they simply want to go fast !! totally reasonable and understandable, I am looking to learn mostly, going fast is really nice, sure but is not my primary goal in my work with the car.
Be very careful how you say "Much beyond that"... It does not!! It took 5 dyno pulls for my car starting with the GMPP tune. GMPP tune was tuned to within 90% of what the car was capable of and still be "safe and reliable". Above that threshold, things start to break and become unreliable. GM when they release specs and tunes on vehicles, most are done to within certain percentage (I've heard 75%-85%) of what the powertrain can handle and still be reliable.

One other word of advice, NEVER use an oiled air filter (ie K&N). The oil comes off the filter and messes up your MAF sensor.

With everything said above, a tune will shorten the life of the engine....a custom specific tune will probably shorten it even more....


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