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Thank you "The Ghost" that response was extremely informative and very helpful. Would you consider the RPM Tune by Martin a 'custom tune' along the lines you note say over a trifecta tune?

Since the GMPP tune has been 'out' for some time, how hard is it to find a copy for Solstice GXP - it would be interesting to examine one and compare the 'data / number sets' BEFORE flashing it to my car, since I have a reader tool. the issue I have I guess is no others with cars I can read to compare with. is the GMPP tune available by download somewhere, or is this copyrighted material perhaps? I would have imagined over the years the tune data would have been made available or easily obtained since the cars are now all orphans.

Is there proper 'form' to ask for a copy of the GMPP tune? or is this not really done. As a newbie to this world, please excuse my ignorance of the data portion. In my world of programming for micro controllers the code is often public-domain or placed into public domain to help others. Since this does sound like product, perhaps the GMPP is not easily obtainable.

Just as side question an K&N filter --are you referring to the square type that can replace the one currently in the stock engine air filter? I have recently changed mine, to a new one from Purolator and is working fine. I have read the K&N washable filter is a smart purchase? but you state a very interesting point here, NEVER USE an oiled air filter i.e. K&N -- is this the case?

A will point out I certainly do not want to "shorten" the life of my engine (too much....) I want to stay well within the safety levels -- I guess the GMPP is my way -- I will talk to Martin at RPM and compare and learn more. I have to walk before I can run.

thank you everyone for your excellent sage advice.

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