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Ever since I have been a member on the forum, the single most repeated issue seemed to be waiting on a dealer's wait list (ie; Number 1, 3rd, or even 8th) for a Solstice order. GXP's now seem to be the model everyone is having the most difficult time getting. How do you allow members who have access to information about available cars, to post that info without having to become a supporting dealer? The site only has two dealer members at this point and to have to sign up as a supporting dealer to get this needed information out ot the membership seems counter productive when the dealer will sell it, probably very easily, to a non forum member who has yet to see this site.

Of course, I realize someone (the posting member) may get chastized for possibly having too much markup for what they are asking on a particlar car, but is not having the info available depriving a much needed benefit to others?

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