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Originally Posted by L3M1315 View Post
I would add new sections for various modifications. An engine/performance section (cat-backs, chips, turbos, etc.), an ICE section (or whatever you want to name the In Car Entertainment), wheels & tires, interior modifications (door unlock buttons, new seats, painted dashboards, etc.), and exterior modifications (vertical lift doors, body kits, paint, vinyl, etc.).

And I would love to see articles/threads in those sections. That's why I'm a member on this site is so that I can learn (and hopefully share) a few things.
I've been getting depressed about learning very little and seeing no news on the GXPs (not like anyone can help that). It feels like this site is filled with middle-aged folks who love to drive the car. I want more folks to share the uniqueness of their car; I want ideas, pictures, how-tos...I can put my foot on the gas pedal the same as everyone else on this forum, but I don't want to just drive the car.

I do like that there's sections for general tech, autocross, supporting vendors, for sale, and regional posts. It's a great start, now let's add to it so more of us can learn from it. Otherwise we're just going to repeat threads for years: "I love how this car feels/handles/accelerates/looks ... I know ... me too ... hooray ... party ... still waiting ... $30,000?! ... "
I mentioned this on another thread as well:

I was just thinking that maybe the forum could organize a mods section broken down into categories of systems or parts such as brakes, wheels, stereo, exhaust, exterior panels, etc. That way anyone who has modified their car will have it listed as to what they modified and give subjective and/or objective information about how it improved or worsened the car. For instance if I was thinking about upgrading my brake system, I could go to "modifications/brakes" and read about 5 members who have already done brake modifications. I know there is a performance section and also a "how to" section already, but this would be something a little different.

Keep in mind that this is probably one of, if not thee, finest car forums on the web. I have looked at forums for other cars and none seem to compare to this one, it's very familiar and just feels right. Although improvements can always be made, the forum can never seem perfect to every single member at any given time because we are all different, so some will have more gripes with the forum than others. Also, as the moderators have mentioned, there is a site owner, and the moderators may not be able to just do whatever they want so easily. Keep that in mind when thinking of improvements. Perhaps the best system would be to decide by majority vote. Of course some improvements might be obviously needed (like the red x image when clicking on "more" smilies), but others are more subjective. I'm not saying this is a bad thread, many good ideas have been posted here, I just want to express my opinion. This is a high quality forum.

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