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  1. Be more consistent with combining threads. Not sure how the mod's break down which threads they review, but often (especially when the latest TV show, movie trailer, comic book or commercial featuring the Sol is broadcast) we get multiple threads about the exact same thing in different categories, each one taking on a life of its own.

    Not really a feature...more of a management thing. Not that I don't appreciate all the hard work the mods do to keep us in line, already.

  2. Have a Calendar view that shows all posts, regardless of which calendar the item was posted to.

  3. Combine the Sol and Sky forums. I know we had a major discussion about the course of action to take way back when (whether to have one big forum, or a separate one for each Kappa), but looking at both, there's really very little "Make"-specific posts out there, and many of our members are posting the same thread (or a link to the other forum) on both. Keep both URLs, with the respective photo in the header, but put all threads into one forum. Possibly make a "Sol Specific" and "Sky Specific" category.

  4. Quote:
    Originally Posted by puresolstice06 View Post
    how about a "solstice spotting" section so people stop cluttering the general solstice discussion with "ohhh i spotted a (insert color of sol) sol on (insert interstate) in (insert town).
    Ditto for a "Track My Sol" and an "I Got Mine" section. Possibly reorganize the Forums into sections and sub-sections (i.e. click on "Regional Discussion" for a page that lists NE, SE, NC, SC, etc.)

  5. I've seen another forum (hunted for it, so I could share the design here, but maybe someone else has seen it) that looks like vBulletin, but has a much cleaner look, instead of the boxy table that most forums use.

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