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Originally Posted by Bobs Sly View Post
Get rid of tallies on posts. That will stop some of the aforementioned Post Pigs. Who cares who has the most posts?
I doubt there are too many members looking at their tally and thinking, "damn I only have a thousand and pigknuckle has one thousand and twenty-eight. I'd better start posting smileys everywhere". These are just talkative people trying to get a word in, IMO. If some people choose to communicate in that fashion so what. I find some are way too freakin cheery for me but this is a community at it take all kinds to make it interesting.

Along these same lines, I am sometimes annoyed by threads that start with, "just got my Solstice", and there are a hundred replies of "congrats" or something similar. You can skip through page after page to see if anything of substance has been added like, "how to stop the clunk with a penny", or you can just ignore the rest of the thread and move on. I can live with that, I'd rather not be too critical of how all of us different people choose to express ourselves here.

Also, no offense to our Canadian members but the Solstice is an American car (and one of the few to get this kind of attention) and I don't see why the stars and stripes should be deemed inappropriate or objectionable in the logo. I can see why you wouldn't want it stuck on the backside of your car in Ontario but certainly it can be tolerated on the forum.

That being said, I wouldn't object if the logo was changed at some point to make it cooler or something but not because some people don't want to see the American flag.

BTY I've been to a number of other forums and we have nothing to be ashamed of. Some of the changes mentioned would be nice but overall this is one of the best I've been to.

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