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Originally Posted by ScottJSmith View Post
[*]Be more consistent with combining threads.
Even we mods find ourselves posting what we may think is brand-new hot off the press info to find it is already here and discussed in detail. We have as much trouble as you determining what is inside a thread from the title. A quick PM to us (my box is empty, hint, hint) or use report a post and an email goes out to all mods at once. Sometimes if the new thread is short and has no new info we just let it fade away, rather than combine.

[/quote][*]Have a Calendar view that shows all posts, regardless of which calendar the item was posted to.[/quote] Are you referring to the calendat calendar or a different view for all posts? Here we will be limited by cpabilities of the software.

[*]Combine the Sol and Sky forums.
I think if you asked you might be surprised by the answer. We try to be non-exclusive and it appears all the regional clubs are doing the same. We might welcome a merging back into one, but at skyroadster they might reject the idea. If there were a way to post a news or performance item just once at it magically appeared on both site that would be fantastic.


Ditto for a "Track My Sol" and an "I Got Mine" section. Possibly reorganize the Forums into sections and sub-sections (i.e. click on "Regional Discussion" for a page that lists NE, SE, NC, SC, etc.)
We have been reluctant to organize too many sub and sub-sub forums because of the potential of getting completely lost and the site looking too busy. That's why there are not specific subs for audio mods and rear-end issues and tracking and got mine threads. The members that post that they got their car are looking for the largest audience to receive congrats and kudos, if they had to post that only in a regional area they might lose that big warm fuzzy. And tracking vehicles makes more sense on a collective basis, rather than creating a nightmare of posting tracking info in several areas at once. We do have the regional groups on board and that's the primary place for items that are of just a regional nature.

[*]I've seen another forum (hunted for it, so I could share the design here, but maybe someone else has seen it) that looks like vBulletin, but has a much cleaner look, instead of the boxy table that most forums use.
The "look" of the site can be modified ro an extent I would presume. But doubtful that Troy would switch one site and not all at once to different software. That decision is his alone.

Originally Posted by druid-2 View Post
search engine needs a lot of work.
No argument with you here. The default is time limited, many don;t realize that. To go back farther you need to use advanced search. Even then certain words are excluded,such as solstice, and some are too short, such as GXP.

Originally Posted by ScottJSmith View Post
Since it's common for new members to go straight to posting,
That's a habit that can't be broken. Re-directing them to the proper location for their answers, etc can be done by any member. Closing the thread does not mean it closes the discussion as now the poster will wonder why they cannot edit their previous post (which happens when a thread is closed)

Originally Posted by NeHigh View Post
I doubt there are too many members looking at their tally and thinking,......

Along these same lines, I am sometimes annoyed by threads that start with, "just got my Solstice", and there are a hundred replies of "congrats" or something similar. .......

Also, no offense to our Canadian members but ......

BTY I've been to a number of other forums and we have nothing to be ashamed of. ....
*D2 is right, some watch their count and yours like a hawk. Keeping it off the postings pages and only in the profile has helped and that is tyeh reason it is somewhat hidden. For purposes of new members and privileges it doe s have to be tracked somewhere. If it could be hidden from your view of D2's profile (or mine) would you still want to be able to see your own?
*They are looking, again, for that warm fizzy of being part of the group, being accepted.
*Troy got some flack from up north when the flag went up in 2005. I know there was some discussion at one time on possibiilities of offering choices of banners that you could select as your defaullt view. I know of some sites that offer choices in background color. Don't know how much bandwidth that would consume.
*I think it is one of the best around, as well. But improvement will keep us on top and that is what this thread is all about.

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