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Originally Posted by SolsticeMan View Post
D2 - isn't that really the role you are playing? I get very little in the way of PM suggestions. I scan the site help/info forum every time, and this is the only active topic here.

I am all for it - maybe people think I am a close minded butthead, but it sure seems like you have a better "inside" line.

BTW - this roundtable was an excellent idea.
I just wanted to add that we also have a special forum that works sort of as a committee. Only the gold supporting members have access to that forum, and are invited to provide insight, suggestions, etc at any time in that section. Yet, even that section has seen limited use by the members who are contributing financially. So in a way, they are the committee for making suggestions, recommendations, etc. We just need them to make them! (as aluded to, anyone else can too. By PM, site help, etc).

This thread was an excellent idea!

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