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Originally Posted by achieftain View Post
Now my first thought is that the radio waves applied, while similar to electricity but enough different, are not enough to break the molecular bonds of hydrogen and oxygen found in plain water. Note that it only works with salt water and what does salt water have in it that regular water does not? Salt. Mostly sodium chloride or NaCl. Sodium burns, and unless they have spectrometized teh flame to verify taht it is hydrogen burning my guess is taht it is teh sodium instead. Still may be possible to utilize this in some way or another in a mobile vehicle, if even as some type of enhancement to regular combustion process. Think in terms of teh recent 6 cyle engine using steam in the extra 2 cycles.
I think the sodium is the key, as well. The water may be a catalyst, increasing the surface area of the NaCl molecules exposed to the radio waves, allowing a separation of the salt molecule and consumption of the sodium. Any chlorine gas off-flow? Energy in vs energy out calculations? I am all for anything that will get us away from mid-east oil!

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