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Originally Posted by Tuff_Enuff View Post
Hi everyone, Just picked up the New wheels last week. I'm in love. I hope that we have a great group here. I used to collect 240Z, but I now have switched to this ride. I own an 06. Just a great tech tip.. If you have some wear on the roof, there is a great product sold in sporting good stores called "Toe gaurd" . It's used on the toe area of skates, does a fabulous job.. all for $7 bucks. Have a great day everyone !!
Hi Tough, wow, another Rick who got his Sol last week?!

I got a 2006 Aggressive ( red ) last week 5/10. Awesome ride. The Tonneau cover sure gives it a great look, I highly recommend it.


2006 Aggressive, Max options, Tonneau cover, GM Performance CIA. 9878 miles and counting.
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