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What Happened? Oops... they did it AGAIN!


apparently, we decided to purchase a second impractical 2-seat car, built on a carline that is being discontinued, in a plant that permanently closes next month, with a nameplate that will not exist next year, from a bankrupt automotive company.

Wow, that sounds pretty crazy when I put it that way.

Nevertheless, with the scarcity of Coupes and inability to order any, we decided that now is the very narrow window. We did not necessarily want to buy another car, but I thought we would pursue it and if it worked out then it worked out. If not, then no biggies, life goes on. All we could do is try.

The car had to be non-negotiable "Wicked - Ruby Red Met." No reason to compromise - walk away if it wasn't what you want. This one was going to be Jodi, my wife's car.

Some things had to happen first, though. We needed a garage space to park the new arrival - a space occupied by a race car.

Ever try to GIVE AWAY a race car in today's economic climate? Especially when you tell prospective buyers they have to take EVERYTHING that goes with it - wheels, engines, interior parts, etc.?

But, we trudge on.

Ever try to buy a car from a dealership when they have been told the one car they have is the ONLY example of said car they will ever get - no more 2010 opportunity? Yeah, that works well for negotiating the price.

Now, try buying it for GM-S employee pricing.

And yet, we trudge on.

Luckily, several opportunities came together - a buyer came along and gave us a fair price to take the racecar off our hands. Bonus: they could come get the car the weekend, and would pay cash. Double Bonus: it is a friend of ours that we raced with back in the day at Waterford Hills. Triple Bonus: the purchaser's brother-in-law is a friend of mine from college, a fellow Fiero enthusiast, and used to be Chief Tech Inspector at Waterford Hills after we raced there in the mid-90's. It's like the old racecar came full circle.

Searching at dealers resulted in several dead ends - either dealers that wanted to hang on to their last example, wouldn't give GMS, or tried to sell me a $3000 wax and undercoat job.

Frustrating, to say the least.

Then, I checked our company used listing, and lo and behold, there it was - a Wicked Solstice GXP Coupe, spec'd out the way the wife wanted it, right down to the tranny.

We tagged it, and being company used it is a very good price (called PEP3), and there also happens to be a total of $3000 off the price in incentives (including the GM Loyalty/appreciation of 2/3 of that incentive).

It is company used - 11,000 miles, but I know who drove it (turned out to be a person at Wilmington).

Jury is still out on the extra factory installed item that was not on the manifest but ended up on the car:

that would be the white stripe. I like it, the wife is not sold on it - but it IS factory installed, and the car is definitely a one of a kind - or at least a few of a kind, anyway.

This is of a batch of cars built before the sequential VINs started after ship to commerce (VIN 9Y000001 is the starting point for those cars). The car was built for captured test fleet usage, and there are other usages for such a vehicle, as in magazine cars, special event cars for Pontiac, etc.

There looks like there will be less than 1500 of these cars total that will be built before Wilmingon shuts down, but depending on which dealer you talk to, it may be only 300 LOL!


-Decided to start looking on Monday
-Found and tagged the car on Tuesday
-Got the call from the system on Wed - had to get it either before Friday or wait until July. (when the system might automatically unassign me, or something happen where they change the system, or the shutdown fouls things up. But is it possible for a dealer to get a car moved from 10 hours away within a day or two?)
-(yes), because they picked up the car on Thursday,
-Friday, it arrived at the dealer
-Saturday, the race car was sold and garage reorganization began
-Sunday, just barely got the garage opened up and cleaned to accept the new arrival,
-Monday afternoon - pick the car up.


So, here is a picture of our new addition: "Wicked"
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I am a GM Engineer.

I do not claim to be a GM representative, all of my postings are my own interpretation and personal opinions.

I am a proud Solstice GXP owner (Flash). My wife, A FORMER GM engineer, is a proud Solstice GXP Coupe owner (Wicked).

My other hobby: hot turbo wastegate nut adjustment.

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