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How to order a Hat from "them"

Here is the "gouge" on how to get hats, clothes, or any other items from Land's End...

First of all, goto their website and look at the Business Solutions portion.

Next write down the catalog number for the piece you want. (yellow hat, green polo, etc)

Call: 1-800-604-0071 (this is the business department)

and use the SNEKR account information for the logos (the original hat catalog number is below).
SKY Logo# 0557418 (c)
SOL Logo# 0455961
Hat# 22000-6AH8
Customer # 4630811

Understand, this is my personal account, you pay with your C.C. and have it shipped to your address. The account stays in my name.

Make sure you ask for any of the weekly online "perks" or deals and your business 10% discount. If you do not ask, they will not give it to you!!!

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