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JohnWr, Am I in the twilight zone? What you're talking about is 50 years from now. I clearly said we are not there yet. There is a wave of change coming and I was just trying to state many will not want to give up their right to drive on their own, when they want, without anyone's permission; kinda like Red Barchetta. By your description, you give up your rights to the system with a whimper. You can't seriously think it's that simple. Agreed the mass will fall into place over time, but there will be a hard transition.
I beg to differ on the trucker statement. There are 10's of thousands of truckers out there who will be displaced by this over time. Granted it may be first through attrition, but eventually all truckers will be displaced along with local delivery persons... This is Orsen Wells crap... And corporations are already working on "You want fry's with that' at your local fast food joint.
JohnWR a lot of people are going to be displaced by the automation of society. The big question is what's the safe bet to hold a job for the underlings....
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Originally Posted by SanDiegoGXP View Post
The big question is what's the safe bet to hold a job for the underlings....

Robot repair, but they'll probably do that themselves too.

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I bought my Red 2008 GXP manual as a toy to play with - not an investment. I have other cars to drive but drive the GXP at every opportunity. I Live in Washington State so driving opportunity is diminished during the 9 month rain season, so not many miles are accumulated annually on the Solstice. I'm not a "never driven in the rain" car owner. It's that I only like to drive the GXP with the top down. I have been caught in many sudden downpours requiring driving fast enough to keep the rain off the face or pulling over to put the top up. I drive the car all 12 months of the year, even in freezing weather, as long as it's dry.

The GXP was totally stock when I bought it from the first owner in 2016 with 18,000 miles. I tend to plan mods as I find defficiencies or needs on the car, not mods for the sake of having mods. I autocross and track the Solstice occasionally so have added the RPM Roll Bar, DDM Brace Kit, Aeroforce gauge, Speedhut oil and temperature gauges in a DDM Pillar Pod, DDM Oil Catch Can and a latching seatbelt buckle. Norm's Recessed Grill was installed because it improves the appearance of the front end significantly. I do not plan on reinstalling the stock parts when I sell the car but have retained the parts for the future owner. I plan on keeping the GXP until I can no longer fold myself into the seats or forget what a car is.

I've left the engine stock so far. Too many forum threads about throwing codes, intake hoses popping off, after cooler distortion etc. with modded or tuned engines. Will be modding the intake manifold this winter to relocate the PCV valve and add a more effective catch can. I'm perfectly satisfied with the GXPs power, which is a lot more HP than what most vintage roadsters have under the hood.

I think that the stock Solstice GXP was pretty close to being perfect as it left the factory. It has plenty of power, fairly stiff chassis, a well engineered suspension and an affordable price. Sure, instrumentation is minimal, trunk is small and there are a few other minor shortcomings but the gorgeous body makes up for it. When I was shopping for a roadster "toy", I looked at MGs, Triumphs, Lotus, older Fiats, BMW Z3/4, Honda 2000 and many others. The Solstice is the best looking of the lot, less expensive and can be serviced by my Chevrolet Dealer.

And best of all, the Solstice is MADE IN THE USA. For us sports car enthusists in the 60's and 70's, there were no affordable compact and light US made 2 seat roadsters. The Corvette was available but were larger and expensive. So we drove MGs, Triumphs, Fiat etc. I never thought, back then, that GM would ever manufacture a roadster that I would be able to afford. I was not able to buy a Solstice when it first came out but waited patiently until I could.

I'm in my mid - oops - late 60's and will not live long enough to enjoy the Solstice's collector car status appreciation in value. I owned a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger and a Lotus Elan in the 60's and 70's and they are worth a lot more now than the $3,500 and $2,500 I sold them for. But total production was only around 7,000 Tigers and less than 2,000 Elans. Compare that to the Solstice production of 60,000 plus. And I sold those cars 40 years ago!

Cobra, which is a car that appreciate like crazy does that because of Carroll Shelby, it's racing history, that less than 1,000 were produced, the beautiful body and a V8. It was an expensive car when new where the Solstice was not.

My GXP will be driven, autocrossed, tracked and modded without regard to "preserving it". I'm happy with the overall appearance, performance and handling.

I don't have a problem with people modding cars. It's theirs and they can do whatever they want. It is an individuals artistic expression and their money. Some are tastefully completed and do improve the appearance or performance. Others have me scratching my head. And others have me shaking my head.

Performance cars like ours can be modded to some extent without reducing value, as long as the mod is executed well.

I personally will not buy a modded car. Not knowing if the mods were done correctly or the mods effect on the car would deter my purchase.
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I have no issue with driver aides. And for some people, city dwellers, some commuters, people with driving challenges, autonomous transportation would be great.

For me, the primary issue is one of control and freedom. If I don't have control of my personal vehicle then someone else does. And they can take it where and when they want, or they can deny service when you need it the most.

I will keep my old fashioned personal vehicle thanks very much.

My truck has drivers aides. Every time the weather gets bad, they fail. Ice obscures their vision and they go from being helpful to being a pain with the alarms.

The hardware and software needed for truly autonomous driving has a long way to go. And the legal system has to catch up with the evolving technology.
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I found this interesting. Your own car may kill you because a software engineer decided it during the design process.

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Green Dragon's chief mechanic
Carol's husband for 50 years

Secretary Rocky Mountain Solstice and Sky Club
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RTE hit 15k posts!!! Congrats! Thanks for all your time and knowledge here on the forums! You da man!
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I saw this thread a couple days ago and it intrigued me, so I saved it to read today.... after I just got back from Kappa overload on the first day drive part of the Palm Springs tour. Thanks to Bob and Myrna and other integral folks for a day of fun!

This thread has been been full of insight and I probably am in the situation most close to @wspohn. I have had "rare" cars for years and have had many people ask me "what collector car" to buy as an investment and particularly in the past few years I have decided its very similar to the "black arts" of "Suspension engineer" and an "Accurate Economist"! There are so many moving parts to what will make a car valuable in the future it's hard to predict. The only thing you can count on is some truisms and observations. MOST have be touched on here by various people, But I'll try to list-- maybe with it's own rebuttal or exception.

Part of the hard part is how one "truism" can affect the other.

In no particular order..
1. Rarity.-> Mr Spohn knows of TVRs, you can too if you Google, but since they started in 1949, it took until 1980 to make 5,000 cars. Only a few are very valuable, only recently have the "less" valuable ones gained some resale value. So Rarity alone does not always mean worth.
2 Desire to own while new. -This does hold lots of water, BUT as I noticed over the years, "A rising tide, raises all boats". People looking for their "dream car" of their youth, will often find comparison articles of "their car" to others. Many people will even know, or know very little about the "comparison cars". A Kappa may fit their bill. This drove some TVR values through the roof when found that minor mods could allow them to run with Cobras. TVRs will never approach Cobra values, but several rose quite high all because when looking at Cobras, people found out about TVR Griffiths and Tuscans.
3. Best of the Breed.-This one holds pretty true and is hard to get around. Whatever platform you have the "highest performance options" of that platform will universally show higher returns.. The GXP cars fit that platform versus the N/A cars. It has been traditional the the "manual" option was worth more than an automatic. Time will see if that continues to hold true. Where the debate lies is how long it will take to see these "higher returns". Sadly, It think it will be a looooong time before the N/A cars see an uptick in value.
4. The youth and the future is against us. - By that and as mentioned before, the gasoline engine is in the process of being "given notice". I actually see the government as the biggest threat as to future collectability. They are a passionless group, driven by the whim of the people. If the public at large decides that gas engines are the death of us all, the values will fall in the bucket... except for #3 as noted, the best of the best will be like collecting art. You may not drive it, but it will be awesome to stare at. I think youth and their tastes go in cycles, so often what is disdained by one generation is endorsed by another. As to the small group of future youth that may covet a Kappa, will that be enough to get giant values?

Here's my takeaways and what I have told others.
If you are considering modding.. LOOK FOR PROJECTS IF YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL EXAMPLE OF THE BREED! Give the opportunity to own an unmolested example to someone else, or let it be. There are ALWAYS abandoned projects looking for a new home. You may be the one who brings it back on the road and cheers to you! But primarily, you didn't take a wonderful one off the road.
First and foremost!! BUY WHAT YOU LOVE AND HAVE A PASSION FOR! No one can predict the future and if you win out and make money down the road, yay for you, if you didn't make money, at least you loved what you had!.

Love the thread and Thanks for reading!


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1979 TVR 3000S
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others.... too many
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Just to add some more food for thought to the table, nobody has yet mentioned the impact that video games has and will have on desirability and collector status to the future car crowd. Right now some of the hottest cars and best return on investments (though still a pretty heavy monetary loss overall) are cars that were hot in the early Gran Tourismo and similar games, particularly the "forbidden fruit" imports that couldn't be had until the 25 year rule elapsed.

To add even further to this, if you look at the most desired of these cars, you'll notice most of them are AWD. The reason? The early game controllers were just "switches," so you were either on or off the gas and brakes. You couldn't modulate them at all. So the only high-horsepower cars in the game that were controllable on street tires were AWD rally rockets. Hence part of the young crowd's love of the WRX, Evo, Skyline and similar. That and the fact that at the time the only thing any domestic manufacturer made that was obtainable and fun was the Neon.

2007 Solstice GXP
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