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New B with whats it worth?

New to the forum (1st post) long time lurker.

I have been toying with the idea of picking up a Solstice for a few years and just have not come across the right one in my area yet. It would be nothing but a toy that I really don't need but still would like to have one to play with. Most likely no more that 2-3K miles will be added per year since I live where it snows (seems like 8 months a year )

There is one in my area, 2007 NA, Manual Trans, 14K miles, Envious Green, Black top and black leather interior, chrome (polished) factory wheels. No door dings and a few minor scratches. The worst part is a slight (1") tear in the rear lower bumper panel where it looks like they backed over something (no big deal). Very clean inside (looks brand new) with no broken cup holders or missing trim. Top is good with just a slight issue with the passenger side weather strip that most likely just needs to be put back in place. Car is completely stock and original but not a museum piece. Currently not the original owner.

I all ready have a 68 Buick GS Convertible so like I said I really don't need another toy but want and need are two different things

I know its only worth what someone will pay for it but what is a realistic value for this car? Owner will not go below $10K

Sorry if these types of posts are not supposed to be done and I will refrain in the future if that is the case.
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Welcome to the forum

Rob the Elder

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With that mileage and condition the price isn't out of line, though now that Spring is here prices are higher than normal. Check the price on KBB, I'm sure they will value it lower, but it's still a good idea to see what they think the value of it is. Also, if your into performance you may want to look for GXPs. For 10K you should be able to find one, granted it will have more miles and may not be in the same condition, but you should be able to find nice ones in the 12 to 15K range.

Edit to add; if you're more a cruiser, than the 2.4 will suit you fine. And it is possible to add a little horsepower to the 2.4 if wanted with hardware and software, not a lot, but a little.

From forum experience I can tell you that you shouldn't limit yourself to what's available that is close to you. There's plenty of resources that are available to help you find a Solstice that's in the color and has the options that you want.

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I suggest you snap up that Solstice with 14k miles immediately! $10K sounds like a super good price to me.

Forgive me if I wrote this story before. I got diagnosed with bone cancer and decided to sell off stuff to lessen the burden on my wife when I died. The doctor gave me five years to live. I told him I can't pay the bill in that much time, so he gave me another five years.

So I sold Bebop, a 1952 MGTD I had for over twenty five years. It was actually a replica car built in South Africa on a new English Ford Cortina (Escort) a 1600cc 4 speed. So it was not only a super classy looking car, but light and fast. It was a lot like Flying! English racing green gel-coat on fiberglass, but also a good dependable car, rear wheel drive with steerring changed to left side with a series of shafts and U-joints. One year in Fort Worth I took it to an MG show (and this is the truth) I had to turn down the award for best looking car (voted by the people, not experts) and admit that it was a replica. I got it when it had only 20K kilometers on the odometer. I mentioned on another page that it took me at least fifteen years to find the proper 'miles' odometer / speedometer to fit the hole in the dash prefectly, and when people asked me how I knew how fast I was going the answer was easy, "By the Wind". (interestingly, a speedometer is not specifically required to pass Texas annual vehicle inspection)

So there I was with this big empty hole in my garage. So every guy needs a convertible in my opinion, so I was looking for either an MGA or a Solstice because the best car I ever had was a Pontiac Firebird Formula. So not far from me came up a Red one with only 29K miles on it. It was almost perfect in every way, not a ding, paint chip or chip in the glass, nothing but a slight dent in the pad behind the gear shift where the old guy, older than me, had hit it with his elbow getting in. It had original the Goodyear tires, so I put on a set of Generals because of the hydroplane trouble I had with Goodyears in the past.

So her husband had died of cancer and she was asking $10k. I gave it to her and didn't even try to whittle her down, which I probably could have with the Blue Book at 7-to-9K

The solstice is a beautifully engineered car. It is evident by the way the doors close and the way the front hood and back trunk cover close with that great sound. You know what I mean! Curses to Mazda and Japan who bombed Pearl Harbor!
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Welcome aboard Mike.
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Good price and a great color only 630 were produced in Envious in 2007 . There are 3 recalls you should be aware of rear pinion seal , ignition switch ,and passenger seat airbag sensor these need to be done the seller should have that information . Another thing you may want to do is get the vin # and take it to an authorised GM dealers service desk and have them run it this will tell you of any warranty work performed (the 3 recalls ) and any service done at a dealership . There are some threads on here that address what to look for when purchasing a car Rob The Elders is very informative and well worth the read . Good Luck !
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I was dealing with a dealer for a 15000 mile 2.4 car for $7600 (about$1600 less than I paid for mine a week lator with 56000 miles) . another sails man sold the car while we were doing the deal...or trying to. that one was red with manual no leather. I like my cool sliver with leather. but I would of loved to of got that it was 40 miles away...I had to fly down to get mine..
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$10k for an NA, in any condition, is highway robbery. Keep looking.

While buying a car with only 14k on the clock seems like a good idea, I'd be very, very wary. Cars do not like to sit unused for long periods. Rubber seals degrade, shocks leak, tires flatspot (and dry rot)... all kinds of things go wrong simply because the thing isn't being driven. If you pick up a 12 year old car with only 14k miles on it, expect to replace things like front and rear main seals, at minimum. A 14k mile car that's sat for the past three years could easily be in significantly worse shape, mechanically, than the same car that's been regularly driven with 80k miles.
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'07 GXP, RPM Stage 2, Solocatless downpipe, TCE Wilwood 6 piston front brakes, 4-piston rears , Stainless brake lines, slotted/drilled rotors, BC Racing BR coilovers, Performance Autowerks intercooler, DDMWorks CAI, charge pipes and braces

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Living in the NE I understand the "sitting" issue, I have had my classic for almost 20 years and have put 8K miles on it and it mostly sits, from time to time things just fail. The last thing was the rear brake wheel cylinders just started leaking so they all got replaced. Have not driven it yet this year so we will see if anything failed over the winter.

The solstice miles history is listed here:
2006-2007 - 4,381 miles
2007-2014- 7,466 miles
2014-2015 - 8,444 miles
2015-2016-11,230 miles
2016-2017-11570 miles
2017 - 2018 - 14,300 miles

It really has not sat (except between 2007-2014) and has been driven every year since per the carfax. Currently no leaks could be seen underneath.

I agree, I think my offer of $8700 was fair for this NA but he is sticking firm to 10K. There are two turbo cars in the area with 27K miles, one asking $10.5 and the other $11.5. Have not looked at those and since this is a unnecessary toy I want to stay in the $9K range, under 30K miles. Turbo is not necessary and my be bad for my insurance with two teenage drivers in the house.

I'm not 100% sold on the color either, not that its bad, just not my first choice and would have to grow on me.

I have plenty of time to look and once I start driving my GS Convertible the urge may go away. I may have just talked myself out of this particular car

Thanks for the replies...
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Good luck in your search Mike. I hope you get one.
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What do you guys think about a 2007 GXP conv. with 27K miles, very clean at $10.5? Cool silver with black leather, manual trans.

Overpriced, fair price?
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I would say $8-$10k is a fair price for that car. I've been watching for the last 3 years, thinking of selling my GXP, and let me explain a few things....

First and foremost, location has recently played a huge role in value. A car worth $10k here in the Detroit area is worth about $7k in Montana or Cali for example.

Second, NA vs. GXP is, as it's always been, a huge factor. About a $3k difference as of late.

Third, Color. For instance, an '08 Yellow or Orange GXP with 40k miles on it here in Detroit is running about $14k-$16k, where in Cali, $12k or Texas, $11k. The colors, in order that command the most are, from my research, yellow, orange, red, black, and then grey, green, blue and white all seem to be at the tail of the field...sorry to all of you guys that are in the bottom.

Mileage has seemed to only come into effect when under about 40k. Anything over that and it's anyone's guess.

And finally, NEVER think of this car as becoming a "collectable". The only ones that will even be close will be the GXP coupes and the T2, if you can find it!!


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Originally Posted by Mike Trom View Post
What do you guys think about a 2007 GXP conv. with 27K miles, very clean at $10.5? Cool silver with black leather, manual trans.

Overpriced, fair price?
Very good's about low end of ballpark.

One word of wisdom....if you are thinking of buying an NA, NEVER, under any circumstances, drive a GXP!!! The GXP has so much more power!!


Solo Street Race exhaust
Fujita CAI
ASAP T2 stripes and badging
Windrestrictor V2 lighted in white
Windrestrictor lighted door sills lighted in white
DDM Works IC Piping
Undercar LEDs in white to match Windrestrictor

ZZPerformance dyno tuned - 286HP, 317ft/lbs of torque at 23psi of boost.
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That GXP sounds like a good deal if the condition is right. The GXP is like a blank canvas - leave it stock, and it's a well mannered cruiser with a little power (260hp). A simple tune gets you to 300hp, change some plumbing and you're at 330-340hp depending on the cat. Swap the turbo and with a custom tune gets you near 400hp. Good luck with your search and don't forget to check the tires on these low mileage cars - if they are original, work that angle to lower the price.
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For reference, we picked up a mid-optioned 06 NA in CA last year for $3,400. 98,000 miles but interior and exterior were in near new condition and it's been dead reliable. We did have to re-seal the rear window and replace the driver's seat bottom cover, but that's it. If you're just looking for a weekend toy and price is an issue, you may want to look at higher mileage cars. The Solstice ages well.

That being said, we've now spent more on mods than we paid for the car; braces, Z0K bars, coilovers, LSD, wheels and tires, exhaust, and a roll bar on order.
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