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CrateEngineDepot 10-16-2018 07:39 PM

Time for a Good Change
Many of you know me as Tom from CrateEngineDepot.
I have moved on and am no longer there.

You can find me at OEMPartsDepot.com
my new email is [email protected]

I look forward to helping you all as I have in the past and if you can help spread the word I would appreciate it as I have appreciated all the business you have given me in the past.

DaveOC 10-16-2018 11:17 PM

Wow! I wish you all the best at our new position.



rob the elder 10-17-2018 04:00 AM

Nice to hear you are still available to help our community

phil1734 10-17-2018 06:42 AM

So... discount codes?

syjos 10-17-2018 11:44 AM

Wow, glad you informed us of your move. You've helped me find so many hard to find GM parts.

Good luck at your new position and I hope they pay you lots of money for your knowledge and customer service.

sirwm 11-16-2018 05:09 AM

( bump )

I tried to buy something from Crate Engine Depot this week ( Nov 15, 2018 ).
I documented my adventure here:


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