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HELP...CHOKING.BOGGING.jump like a power...2006 Solstice full Loaded..5sp

I am new at writing in here.........I am from Surrey BC ...basically just outside of Vancouver B. Canada...I need some help with me Solstice.....

I have a 2006 Pontiac Solstice is fully Loaded....and I think it gas the 2.4 Ecotek is a 5 speed.....I have never has one problem with the car since I bought it in 2009.....up until about a year ago.....and it had been sitting for a couple months...when I started it it was jumping like a rabbit down the street and choking and felt it was plugged somewhere to me???.....I could not get any this time a friend of mine owned a mechanic shop....he said to fix it ....he - Heated up the CATALYTIC CONVERTER....real hot.....then blew out any junk inside drove fine after this.....about a year ago I started dating the boyfriend from Hell.....I had not dated in over a decade and since my husband died in 2009......I made the biggest mistake dating this fella.....and ended up with my solstice taking the damage....He slashed all 4 tires....kept the key....destroyed inside the trunk....and put the front end in the ditch....luckily no physical damage ....but after this started bogging and choking and jumping before.....also it was leaking fuel in the back end....someone told me if someone was into the fuel pump when seating the gasket back inside it....did it In correctly....consequently leaking gas......?? this true?

Also I heard GM or Pontiac extended the Warranty on the CATALYTIC this true?....if so could I benefit ?....( about 40,000 kilomi
eters on it...and its a 2006 & today its 2012).....I am wondering if I need a new FUEL PUMP &/or a CATALYTIC CONVERTER?.....

I will mention also about 3 years ago....I was rear ended at about 40 kilos an hour while I was at a stand still in rush hour traffic...(a sitting duck)....after I saw her damage she had a Brand New Honda SUV and the front end was totalled and it had to be towed little Solstice didn't even break a light...I just had a 3 inch dent in the rear of my trunk...I drop e away I wonder if something could have been slightly damaged inside that ICBC didn't see?.....paying $1400 a year for basic insurance I think is highway robbery...and they do anything to NOT pay...even if it is 100% the other persons fault....its rediculous....I ended up not even getting anything fixed cause I was financially strapped after my husbands death...I couldn't afford going without a vehicle while they fixed it..and they would not provide me with one ......

Anyway....I have to get a new key and fob made...I have the tires....and need either a FUEL PUMP or/and a CATALYTIC CONVERTER....hopefully either with the extended warranty or a rebuilt one/s......

If anyone can help me pin point what the problem could be....or where I can buy a key....fob....catalytic converter....& fuel pump the cheapest.....please let me know.....I

Please don't suggest I get it scanned for codes I don't have one and can't afford one and can't afford to tow the vehicle to get it done....This is my first NEWer vehicle in my life and I am so hurt that she is in the shape she is in..
..I just want to get her up and running....she deserves this much...I love this car and have comeinto a little money to try and fix her up....I just am in a predicament where I am staying with friends till I feel safe enough to get my own place again....

All I can say is dating isn't always cracked up to what people will be a LONG time before I date anyone again....for my cars sake anyway ......(LOL)

If anyone can help me I would be grateful...ill answer any other questions anyone may have .....thank u

I want to mention I was rear ended while sitting at a stand still in rush hour teaffic
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Perhaps someone in the local area with a code reader can help you out with reading the codes?

I do have one helpful bit of advice: if you can find a friendly GM sales rep, dealerships often have extra used key fobs (from returned lease and fleet vehicles) that they might be convinced to donate to you. It will need to be programmed to your car, but if they are sympathetic they might do that for free. I think you would need to but the key though.

Good luck, and keep yourself safe.

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You are going to have to get the car fixed by a mechanic as you can't do anything yourself, so you may as well find one and have the car picked up and taken to him. He should have the diagnostic equipment to figure out what is going wrong and fix it.

Asking this sort of question on the Internet will get you dozens of answers, most of them wrong and you really won't be any closer to figuring it out. When you get the diagnosis from the mechanic, you can decide if you can afford to fix it right now.

Sorry I can't suggest a competent mechanic out in Surrey - I am on the North Shore and my guy just retired, so I am also looking for someone to do the things that I (or rather my back) don't like doing myself!

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If I were closer, I would personally come over and look it over and try to help you sort it out. Unfortunately, you are to far away, me being in Florida. The first thing you need to do is get good tires on the car if you have not done that yet. My second suggestion since no one close by has volunteered (yet), and even tho funds are low, is still call the closest GM dealer (service department, preferably perhaps the service manager), that can service your car and explain what happened to you, what the car is doing and that if there is any way they can help you get your car running normally. (don't tell them tho that the cat was flamed, must be an old trick or something) Let them make some suggestions, and approximate costs, including a flat bed to take to car to them if you can't drive it, the worse that can happen is you say no.. On the other hand, you just might find a good person willing to assist you, AND maybe provide you a decent discount for the parts and labor, even perhaps the CAT under warranty. If you feel that they are taking advantage, or you don't feel right, have a friend with you to help, a male friend that you trust, heck it can also be a female friend, you would be surprised how many women mechanics, or women that know cars, they can be tuff negotiators too (like my wife).. Also you can always try more than one GM dealer if available.

Obviously the car is experiencing a multiple problems, some obviously related to what that scoundrel you were dating did, and also perhaps a delayed problem that he might of pushed over the edge with all the tampering he did to the car, leaking fuel is not a good thing, the fuel tank and fuel pump is located in the truck, the AH might of punched a hole in the fuel tank, it would need to be thoroughly inspected. The CAT I think has a limited warranty, I want to say 8 or 10 years or 100,000 miles, unless it was tampered with, you stated that some dude flamed the sucker, to me it sounds like it needs replacing.. These issues could be simple, or complicated and expensive. The only way to get a handle on this is at a minimum take it to a GM dealer for a thorough inspection, even if you do nothing else, they might be able to at least getting running safely, and cheaply (if that is possible).. BTW, don't let one low life keep you from dating, not all Canadian men are animals.. A good one is always around, just got to find each other...Stay safe!!

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Key fob issue
The key fob has two known issues. First is the clip that retains the battery and provides connectivity to power the electrical components is known to fail. The repair is relatively simple if you know anyone who can solder the clip back to the motherboard. Check with Batteries Plus if you have one or the equivalent. Radio Shack or equivalent. Or check with a box store that does car stereo installs. They should have the capability to do simple soldering jobs. First pry open the two halves of the key fob and check to make sure that the clip holding the battery in place is solidly mounted. If not then this is likely your issue.

Second is the membrane that forms the buttons and the contacts will wear out over time and stop contacting correctly. Several of us have bought replacement buttons for less than $10 on ebay. If your battery clip is ok, then inspect the buttons. They have metal contacts on the bottom side which do the electrical connections.

Oh, also make sure that your battery is good. Install a new one as the are really cheap.

A fuel leak is a safety issue. I would never recommend being around or operating a car with a serious fuel leak. It is a hazard to your life and property. Get it looked at ASAP.

Many of the operational issues you described can be attributed in whole or in part to a clogged cat. They are not repairable - the heating is not a repair its a temporary solution but it is not a fix long term. Get a new one and have it installed by a reputable mechanic. Money invested up front can save you a lot down the road.
Best of luck

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Thank you...all u guys have been so helpful ...I found tires I blight and forgot about so my luck is improving....on the car they are 18 inch 255/35 & the ones I found are 18 inch 255/40 these will fit won't they?
Also I see u can get keys and fobs on Ebay and a couple guys on this site says they work....has anyone tried it recently?
Also if I can put the new tires on myself (after rubber put on of course) I figure do it two at a time. My car has about 42,000 miles on it and it's a 2006 so.maybe the Cat might still be under warranty? if I can try this first and have someone check the fuel filter and tank....
I just love my solstice ...driving around in my explorer Just doesn't cut it.
Being a girl....I just HATE bringing my car to a mechanic or dealership....9 times out of 10 they rip us off...I always try and research to get ideas what could be wrong or even if I can fix it...before I see the mechanic....that's why I am here just wanting to see if anyone had the same symptoms?....does the solstice have a safety fuel cut off if in an accident? just wondering if this could be the problem ?
thanks again
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Originally Posted by incara View Post
Thank you...all u guys have been so helpful ...I found tires I blight and forgot about so my luck is improving....on the car they are 18 inch 255/35 & the ones I found are 18 inch 255/40 these will fit won't they?

Also if I can put the new tires on myself (after rubber put on of course) I figure do it two at a time
Nether of those are the correct size for the car. The original tires (which the speedo etc is set up for) are 245/45's. The 255/35 ones you have on now are smaller in overall diameter and will be showing increased miles on the odometer than you actually travelled by about 7%. The new 255/40's are actually closer to stock - only 2.5% smaller.

If you have all 4, then put them all on at once. Having different tires on is not recommended, and certainly having two sets of tires with different diameters is going to mess with your antilock brakes and stability/traction control systems!

Originally Posted by incara View Post
Also I see u can get keys and fobs on Ebay and a couple guys on this site says they work....has anyone tried it recently?
You should be able to get the correct fob on eBay, but be forewarned that you'll HAVE to take it to a dealer to be programmed (or possibly a locksmith with the right equipment).

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We have a club in Western Canada. I have posted this thread on our facebook page. Hopefully someone in the Valley will read it and be able to help. I'm in the Okanagan, otherwise I'd offer.

Check out Western Canada Kappa Club on Facebook !

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